Changes Afoot

I made a big decision yesterday. I decided to delete my website and operate from my blog. The blog that I abandoned on the advice of a friend because all writers “should have a professional website.” Maybe that’s true. But I ran into a few hiccups along the way. Aside from being very non-techy and always having trouble with various aspects of updating the site, the WordPress website design process made me want to shoot myself. So I’m back to blogging.

I noticed that when I had a blog with my website, I never wanted to write in it. Primarily because the feedback on my actual blog was so much better. I could see my analytics and get more involved with other writers. So here we are. It’s good to be back.

Please note that there are going to be some dramatic changes in how I do things.

For those of you who don’t know, I made a very controversial video a few weeks ago. It tackled the topic of “diversity” in books and how the word has turned into a weapon against both authors and readers. I noticed that several authors were being attacked for having a cast of primarily white characters. That’s racist! Not. Then the opposite occurred. Other authors were being attacked for having characters of another ethnicity, race, or sexuality differing from their own. That’s totally cultural appropriation! Not.

Here’s the truth. I’ve never taken identity politics into consideration when reading or writing a story. I don’t go looking for a reflection of my physical appearance in a character or in the author. I can only recall what maybe six or seven authors I enjoy reading even look like. Because quite frankly, I don’t care. When I pick up a book, I look at the description. I read the inner flap or the back to get a feel for whether or not I will like the story. That’s it. The fact that it’s become a trend to identify the author’s appearance, then grade their work on whether or not it’s “diverse” is some of the most vile, far leftist, snowflake, SJW idiocy I have ever encountered. I said all this and more in my video. Needless to say, some leftists didn’t like it very much. My video that was meant for my 700 subscribers that usually give my video about 100 views skyrocketed to over 21K in a week. I’ve been called every name in the book. Racist. White supremacist. Bigot. KKK. Etc. All the usual far leftist names when they don’t actually have an argument or they want to play the victim card.

I will never understand this mentality and I intend to fight it on my blog and on my YouTube channel in the future. Because harassing authors for not catering to your special safe space, micro-aggression, trigger warning, my feelings count over everything BULLSHIT is my not bag. I’m not going to do it. If you have time to worry about equal representation in novels as a legitimate form of oppression, NEWSFLASH, you’re searching for a problem where there isn’t one and you’re not being oppressed. You’ve probably never been outside the US and seen real oppression like I have. Neither have you ever done a job where people didn’t give a shit about your identity or sexuality, but you’re skills. If you want to see yourself in a novel, write your own damn book. Period! Authors don’t owe you a thing. We are not your bitch!

I refuse to pander to these snowflakes who are primarily under the age of 25 and don’t have any real or tangible life experience other than their precious feelings.

Prepare for a different kind of Bre. The Princess of Darkness. The bringer of truths. The bitchy Hufflepuff. I plan to use this blog in the future not only to talk about books and writing, but also about things that make me passionate and a little bit crazy. I will discuss politics. I will discuss things I see in the writing world or the world in general that piss me off. And I don’t have time for anyone’s feelings or the left’s favorite term… “That’s offensive”. No time or fucks will be given. The more politically incorrect, the better.

You leftists who attacked my video have no one to blame but yourselves. You did this. I was a nice little Hufflepuff who wanted to right a wrong. Who wanted to point out some really bad behavior and make it right. For doing so, I was attacked. The reason why? Your precious little feelings were “offended” by my video.

So yes, you did this. The Princess of Darkness is here to stay. I will never be silenced. So prepare yourselves for my palace of horrors, where few can endure my tortures.

To everyone else, welcome aboard! I hope you stick around and subscribe. Things are going to get down and dirty really fast.




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