Forever a Panster

Ground breaking news today.

Not really, but we’ll pretend.

I actually planned out the next five or so chapters of my current work in progress. That’s saying a lot from a discovery writer. I can sometimes know where things are going a tiny bit in advance, but not five chapters.

Will I use the plans I set forward? I dunno.

Will I end up being a planner from here on out? Unlikely.

But the point is, I’m trying to change how I work. Kinda. Not really. We’ll wait and see. Almost every single book I read out there about writing talks about how you have to be at least a tiny bit of a planner if you want to achieve greatness. I hate this attitude. But I have had some recent inspiration regarding where my story is going. And I want to push myself in a new way. This new way includes trying to plan. A little.

Usually I get to writing and the words take control. Then I veer away from what I planned and things just take on their own life without me having to put a great amount of effort in it. But granted that this story has nearly 80k of trashed words, I think I need to plan a tiny bit.

As a devoted discovery/panster writer, this is big for me. I have no idea if it will work, but I’m willing to try new things after reading ‘2k-10k’ and ‘5k In An Hour.’

Here’s to progress.

This has been a bullshit blog entry because I felt the need to blog. Sorry.

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