No More Free!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right. You read the title properly. I’ve decided quite randomly that I am permanently done with “permafree.” In other words, none of my books will ever be free again. SUCK IT UP!

So basically, I took a good hard look at my sales this morning and got all depressed. I actually (for the first time) did a little conversion of free sales, and the number of people who actually buy books 2, 3, etc. after downloading the first book for free.


So I decided early this morning (seriously early, around 6 am), that my work is worth something. Permafree might work for some people, but it isn’t doing me any favors. And maybe my work won’t sell great with charging for the first book, but I don’t think cheap price points work to entice readers anymore. They are used to seeing them and perhaps look at it with suspicion. Especially once you tip the indie hat.

I work very hard on my stories. I realize that they’re not the best thing in the world, but I no longer see why I should give them away for free. People say to experiment with different price points, but that has never done anything for me. So I’m just going to start charging. Because…reasons. Not because I need the money (which I do), but because my books probably won’t do any better or worse with a changed price point. And I would rather not give my work away for free anymore.

I know something about myself. When I read a first book in a series and like it, that doesn’t mean that I will buy the next one. In fact, it’s rare that I read an entire series or go running to get the sequel. It’s only happened twice in my entire life that I finished a book and ran to the bookstore to get the next one the same day. I think many other readers might be the same way. They’ve become jaded by the free price point, or download the book because it’s free. I used to average one review per one hundred downloads. And now I’m not even doing that. So why?

So for now, and probably permanently unless I’m doing a temporary free promo, the first books in all my series will no longer be free. So be sure to go get one if you are in any sort of rush. Because later this week, the new price change will take effect.

Sorry not sorry. *shrug*

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