The Day That Bre Lost It!!!

I hit something today that I like to refer to as “maximum capacity.” I had to leave the house. Just get out and escape. Then every single small and minor thing outside the house was driving me equally crazy.

Inside the house I had barking dogs, people disrupting me every few minutes, care taker responsibilities that are slowly breaking my heart and ripping up my insides, doctors refusing to return my calls, a small urticaria outbreak that is making me itch like crazy, and lawn mowers outside. Then the family friend who sometimes comes over that likes to tell me all the things I’m doing wrong (even though to her it’s just her being nice and giving advice) OVER LOAD OVER LOAD OVER LOAD!


Then I left and got some idiot in a cafe dissing American intelligence as being inferior, a massive traffic jam, some guy in another cafe who clearly didn’t know he couldn’t play the guitar, and regulars that I knew trying to stop me from working in order to talk. To top all that off, I was supposed to meet a friend and she cancelled.


But…with all that going on… I managed to write my 2,000 words and get my marketing done. I might not get to editing today (boo hoo…we all know I’m just avoiding it. Not gonna deny it), but I did get my words done.

2,000 words a day. Regardless! Unless there is something catastrophic or the moon crashes into the Earth, I plan on writing 2,000 words a day for the whole month. And maybe beyond if it turns out to work for me.

Just goes to show you, you have to show up on the bad days and the good. I think what I wrote today (once revised) won’t look any different or worse than the stuff I wrote on the good days. Readers can’t tell once the pages are revised and edited. Remember that. Show up. Write the damn thing. Worry about quality later.

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