My Temporary Break-up with Facebook

Seriously now, why are people so fucking temperamental about Facebook?

I ran into my first Facebook debacle over the summer. I was dating a guy who actually managed to get upset and worked up over the fact that I “LIKED” a few posts from one of my guy friends. A guy who at the time was helping me a bit with my business. I told him about this friend and how he was helping me as a way of sharing what I did that day. Nothing more. And the insecurities came out really fast. My ex was concerned with who this guy was, why did he want to help me out, and why I actually had guy friends outside of him. And to my great amusement, he said he might unfollow me on Facebook for a while so he wouldn’t see that I LIKED this guy’s posts.

My eye were like pinwheels.

I’ve never been a jealous type. Maybe there will come a time when I am, but the only time I ever got jealous was when I was dating someone that I knew would, and eventually did, cheat on me. I looked at every girl he looked at oddly because I knew he had the capability of having a wondering eye. But other than that, I don’t get worked up about the relationship stuff that others tend to. Especially not over Facebook. Facebook has always meant one thing to me. A way to keep in touch with my friends and show an interest in their every day lives. And NOT a means of flirting or anything of that nature. In all honesty, Facebook isn’t even on my radar. If it disappeared tomorrow, I wouldn’t give a shit. There’s still Skype and Instagram (which I like a lot better).

Then a few weeks ago, someone I unfriended on Facebook (because I already followed her on all other platforms and I was seeing the same posts more than once from them) got seriously mad at me for unfriended them. Keep in mind that I hadn’t seen or spoken to this person in nearly four years and this was before I learned about the ‘unfollow’ feature. Which I love now…

Facebook to me is the equivalent of a high school year book. I look at it once in a while for entertainment when I’m absolutely desperate. Nothing more. Nothing less. Yet for some reason, people get very ‘high school’ over it. The drama ensues when someone posts something that I would consider to be a personal diary entry (which drives me crazy…I don’t need to know about your abusive upbringing via Facebook) and sometimes I just don’t want to know too much about a person. It spoils them for me. There was someone on there a while back that I used to think a very cool person. Then the political anti-feminist posts started popping up and I nearly gagged.

SO…… I’ve removed Facebook from my phone and I check it maybe every two days now (but I kept messenger because…stickers). Which is only necessary because of my fan pages and how I really should be posting on them more regularly. Other than that, I don’t give two flying fucks about Facebook. Lately it has done nothing but start up drama and I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent away from it.

This breakup probably won’t last forever. I’ve already had a few friends say to me, “didn’t you see my recent post?” and I have to sheepishly admit that I hadn’t. Which I hate sometimes because I want them to know I take an interest in their life. On the other hand, many of them already post on Instagram as well. So it’s no big deal.

Good bye Facebook, for now. I can’t say that I’ll miss you all that much.

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