15. Writing Out Loud

Today was the first day of my anti-corporate experiment. I didn’t work 9-5, and I didn’t feel guilty about it. But the real test will be to see if I can maintain.

6:00 am: Woke up.

6:30 am: Worked out with my dad. Today we did Cardio X. We decided fuck the order Tony says to do things in because we just don’t like some of the workouts. We figure as long as we mixed it up to maintain muscle confusion, we’re doing good. I was planning on going to zumba tonight, but after that, I decide never mind. It was intense since I haven’t worked out much lately.

8:00 am: Breakfast/Shower

10:30 am: Finished 2,000 words for the day. In under an hour. Weird as fuck to be done so early with that.

11:00 am: Filmed two videos, one of which I edited. The other I will probably upload on Sunday for the start of NaNoWriMo. Editing both of them too.

12:30 pm: Went to lunch for some Chinese soup at a local place I love.

1:30 pm: Applied revisions to book one in my series. 15 pages in total.

2:00 pm: More video editing and planning for tomorrow’s writing session.

And that’s it. That’s all I did. And all from home. I started around 9:30 am and finished around 2 pm. About 4-5 hours of work. And I tried my hardest to not feel guilty about not killing myself to make a 9-5 work day out of it. I finished what I set out to do and I did with efficiency.

Small manageable tasks, Bre. Small manageable tasks. *wipes nervous sweat from face*

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