Small Manageable Tasks

I’m trying a new approach to my writing/editing/everything I’m try to do.

I heard someone say (I don’t remember where and I don’t remember who), that you actually get MORE done when you do things in small manageable tasks. I asked myself, what does that mean? Is that true, and how can I apply that to what I’m doing?

Once in a long while, I can write 5,000+ words in a day. Sometimes two or three days in a row. The following few days my brain feels completely drained. I find that when I write 2K-3K a day, I can function much better. But then again, there’s that part of me that likes to guilt trip myself. I always think about Amanda Hocking and how she wrote a whole book in fourteen days. Holy shit batman, how does anyone do that without hitting massive, and I mean MAJOR, burnout? And that’s what I’m afraid of.

So we have NaNoWriMo coming up soon. Many people will be writing the standard 1,667 words or so a day. I can do that in an hour. And quite frankly, it fills me with guilt to do just that. Especially when I’m trying to treat my writing as a job. Then on the other hand, I am trying to go totally anti-corporate. I hate corporate America with a passion and I don’t think the whole 9-5 motif is particularly effective as far as creating a good and accomplished work day. People are taking breaks and checking Facebook and yada yada. I usually focus for about 4-6 hours a day, then my brain shuts down. So I like that break that time up into a 2-3 hour morning session and the same for the afternoon given what I need to accomplish. Then I try not to feel guilty as hours of the day go on by and I finished what I did for that day. And I start thinking to myself, ‘you lazy bitch…get to work. You have more time and you should be doing. Maybe you don’t want this as much as you think you do.’ But I’m trying to stop that and amend my ways. Because let’s face it, I want this. And I might not want it as much if I kill myself to try and accomplish it. It has to keep being something that interests me even on the days when everything feels like work and I’m slogging through it.

So yes, small manageable tasks. I’m committed to trying to write 2K Monday-Friday for NaNoWriMo. That’s my plan. As least for now. Anything else I will have to make up as I go along.

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