13. Writing Out Loud

So there was no Writing Out Loud for yesterday. It was a weird day. And yet it was typical. I woke up. Worked out. Walked the dogs. Went to the cafe where I did my first revision of the final novelette in my romance series, then I came home early. Mostly because of family stuff. And then I did edits for the final Violet Blake book (thank you Annelies), edit the Scrivener documents for both Violet Blake and Elder Origins boxed sets which should be out this week. Then I ordered a new cover for the Violet Blake series. Trying to think of how to arrange them.

That was my day. Not gonna map it out this time. But for the next 11 days, I will be working from home. Things might get boring. Just warning you. Even so, I should be able to get a sizable amount of work done. Or at least I hope. Sometimes working from home is okay. Other times not so much. We’ll see.

Sorry for this fantastically boring entry.

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