12. Writing Out Loud

Some may or may not have noticed that while Monday’s ‘Writing Out Loud’ came out late, Tuesday’s was never posted at all. There is a reason for this. Tuesday was a cluster fuck of a day. I got run down, needed a break, and desperately tried with all my might to get some words written. I maxed out at about 800 and that was all I could do.

I have come to learn a lesson that has taken me years to really learn. I have always felt guilty over time for the fact that I don’t have a regular 9-5 job. When I’m writing, I can sometimes reach a certain word count goal in less than a few hours. And sometimes (not often, but sometimes), my editing process doesn’t take too long. Then after that, what do I do with my day? Feel guilty over the fact that others are doing a lot more with their work day and can’t leave the office until 5.

I realized a long time ago but only recently applied to my life, the notion that the hours I spend working are highly efficient. What I do is something that not many people can do. And I have the discipline to do it. My work hours are crazy intense while I am in the mode of writing, and in those few hours I think it’s safe to say that I get the equivalent done of some else’s regular work day. So I’m trying to alleviate the guilt off myself. At least a little bit. So I took yesterday off after reaching 800 words. Mainly because it was a sucky day and I have been embracing the fact that I need to heal from the drama that has recently been going on in my life.

So…. here’s to a new day.

6:15 AM – Woke up

6:45 AM – Worked out (Lower Eccentric today)

7:15 AM – Breakfast

8:00 AM – Goofed around online

9:00 AM – Shower

10:00 AM – Filmed a video

11:00 AM – Arrived at a cafe to work… Hopefully. Scrivener is loading an update, which interrupted me for a little while.

1:00 PM – Finished 2,500 words. I would like to write at least 700 more later, which is easily doable. But right now I’m going easy on myself. Or at least I’m trying to have patience with myself. My heart isn’t really into the story I’m trying to tie off and I hope it doesn’t show. I just want to get it done. By Friday, I should be done with the first draft and I can go back to my trilogy. Slow and steady wins the race! Or at least it does for the time being.

3:00 PM – Finished editing my video…well, almost. I realized that the audio I wanted to change can’t be fixed without my reinstalling some software, so it will be tomorrow before it comes out. Hopefully… I also finished my writing for the day. I thought about going over some edits for my other book, but I don’t know if I want to push myself too hard today. We’ll see…


As for the following two days, Thursday and Friday where I am not writing a whole entry because I’ve been too lazy…. I finished the novelette at 11,060. It’s Friday. Cut me some slack. Gah!

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