11. Writing Out Loud

6:15 AM – Begrudgingly got out of bed. We tried something different last night and put the dogs in the living room. Then I snuck out while they were asleep and barricaded the door so they couldn’t scratch it and get in to wake me up. They kept me up all Saturday night and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I needed a break.

7:00 AM – Workout. Yoga day. And thank god because I didn’t have the energy for cardio.

8:00 AM – Breakfast smoothie

9:15 AM – Arrived at cafe

10:15 AM – 2,000 words written for the final romance book in the series I’m currently working on. I want to tie off the story. This final part isn’t due for release until next Friday, Oct 16. Then the following week I will release the boxed set. They are each 10,000 word installments that I can usually write in two days. But I’m taking my time with the last one because there isn’t another looming deadline.

After careful consideration (meaning a few hours), I decided that I’m going to put the romance pen name on hold for a little while. At least during the month of October and NaNoWriMo. Once this series is done, I’m done with it for the time being. I want to dedicate the next few months to my Bre Faucheux books. I took a look at my sales and figures. While I love writing the romance it hasn’t brought in any more revenue than my paranormal stories did. In fact, things are kind of the same financially as they always were. I can write the romance and the paranormal together because I know how to budget my time. But I would much rather write paranormal if the romance doesn’t really perform any better than the paranormal. I was hoping it might help my income. And it hasn’t, so I might be putting it aside for a while.

In the meantime, I am going to do my best to finish the fantasy/paranormal trilogy I have been trying to complete for well over a year. I want to use NaNo to finish the second book, and December I will conceivably write the third.

I am planning a whole new marketing strategy, new covers, beta readers, the works. I want this series to do well and then next year be onto something else. It will be a new year soon, and I want a new series to add to my palette. I already have ideas churning for three different series. One of which I have had in my brain for over six months.

11:00 AM – Finished the edits on part four of my current romance series. I got this all done this morning a lot faster than I thought I would.

LUNCH BREAK – I actually got lunch at the cafe where I’m currently working. This isn’t something that I do often, but sometimes. I like having a lunch break and just taking an hour to myself. But today I didn’t really feel like driving somewhere else. Just don’t…

5:00 PM – Edited pages of the fantasy I have been working on for over a year just to realize that I was editing a previously version that I already revised. :::headdesk x 5::: Waste of paper, ink, and brain power. SO UPSET! Can’t believe I was doing that. And I didn’t even realize it until it was too damn late.

That’s it. Throwing in the towel today.

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