10. Writing Out Loud

5:30 AM – Woke up early again. Don’t know why. My brain just fired up all at once. Not that I minded. It gave me an extra hour before working out to drink my coffee and mess around online before the work day really got started.

6:45 AM – Workout. Triometrics again today. My legs and thighs are going to be so sore tomorrow. I’m thoroughly convinced that Dreya was on drugs during that whole recording session. Something about that woman just…*twich twitch twitch* Mean, I dunno know, but ugh…

8:30 AM – Went to Panera for a light breakfast. A sandwich, which I know is weird so early in the morning, but the house was out of everything healthy and the smoothie mix was gone too. So I settled for a veggie sandwich and argued with myself that it was healthier than what most people eat for breakfast. At least I hope so. Then I read for a bit.

10:00 AM – Arrived at the cafe where I usually work. This new place is just amazing. Great wifi speed and generally quiet. I met with my career coach here for a bit and got halfway through my first revision of the novelette I wrote this week. Not ideal. I generally like to get through a whole revision by morning, but I’m going easy on myself today given that it’s Friday. And I plan on working tomorrow morning to compensate a little for the time lost. Or at least that’s the plan right now. We’ll see how that goes.

LUNCH BREAK – Okay, okay. So it was more like a lunch vacation. I took in a movie with a friend. Because its Friday and I can’t give two fucks. As a matter of fact, maybe not one fuck can be given.

2:30 PM – Arrived back at the cafe.

5:30 PM – Finished first revision, applied edits, and got 25% through my second revision.

And that’s a wrap for today folks.


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