9. Writing Out Loud

5:30 AM – Woke up. Don’t know why I woke up so early, but it was just a general case of dosing after that.

6:15 AM – Gave up on trying to get back to sleep as the idea of coffee appealed to me more. And for once, the dogs didn’t try to wake me up. I was the one waking them up. I think they were sore from their walk yesterday. They’re so out of shape. My fault really. But that heat, urgh!

9:00 AM – Got all 15 bags of random books, clothes, movies and more to give to Goodwill into my car. I have been purging like a mother fucker lately. That book ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by Marie Kondo seriously changed my life for the better. My dad told me not to get too ruthless with my belongings, but meh.

9:15 AM – Arrived at Goodwill and gave all that shit away. It felt so damn good!

9:30 AM – Arrived at my current favorite cafe and got to writing.

11:30 AM – Tapped out at 2,991 words to end the new romance novelette I’ve worked on all week. Part of me wants to write those nine more words to get to 3,000. The other part just says…’eh…fuck it.’


1:30 PM – Back at the cafe. The owner gave me a free sample of his new Jasmine Tea Ice Cream and holy shit….YUM!!!!!!!!!!!

3:00 PM – Finished drafting news letters for last week’s short story release day. That shit makes goo of my brain. I hate it, but damn it creates results.

4:15 PM – Applied edits to Violet Blake 4 from my amazing beta reader Annelies. Sweetie, you are the best! You get everything I’m trying to say and point out all the things that need changing so beautifully and nicely. Thank you!

Think I’m gonna call it a day right there. Nearly 3,000 words written, two campaign letters drafted and almost ready for release, and edits made to Violet Blake. Good day.

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