8. Writing Out Loud (Late Again…)

6:15 AM – Woke up. Made coffee. Blah.

6:35 AM – Decided to go ahead and send out the newsletter early to romance ARC readers. They have been asking about it, so I sent it bright and early so most would get it in their mail box before work.

6:45 AM Workout. Power went off  twice during workout, so I had the pleasure of being set back a few times. Today was upper eccentric. Push ups and pull ups mostly. Gah!

8:00 AM – Breakfast. I saw that my ARC Review List had an open rate of 26.7% already by this time. Go ARC team! You rock!

9:30 AM – Took the dogs on a walk. They were pleased. But poor Gigi was struggling in that last ten minutes. Pup needs to lose some weight.

I did some thinking while on my walk. I read something yesterday about a guy who wrote 5 novels in one year. I wondered how much I wrote and published. I did a tally in my head.

Two ‘Violet Blake’ novellas at 25K words. Equals 50K. Not to mention the one I just finished at 30,000 words. That’s 80K. Then the romance novelettes so far this year. They tap out right now at 110K. The fourth Elders which I don’t know if I’ll publish but here’s hoping at an additional 30K. And I finished a novel that I hope to have published by January. That’s 40K since I wrote the first half last year. Then another 40K for it’s sequel. Then 60K I wrote on a paranormal romance under another anonymous pen name. Under that pen name I also wrote three shorts at 10K each.

25K + 25K + 30K + 110K + 30K + 40K + 40K + 60K + 30K = (Don’t ask me to do math, but this is me trying) about 390,000 words so far this year.

If we equate that to typical novel length at 50-80K or so when combined in total… That’s approx 5-8 novel length books this year. And we have three months to go.

Fuck me.

10:00 AM – Shower. Liking this whole slow morning, working from home thing. If I ever get to making this my full time career and functional, this might reflect a lot of my mornings.

11:30 AM – 1,790 words for my morning writing session. Light for me, but I’m trying not to overload myself right now. I really afraid of burn out at the rate that I was going. I just need to get 3,350 words by the end of the day. That leaves 1,560 words to go for the day. Completely do-able.

1:30 PM – 3,540 words in total for the day. Only 2,800 to go tomorrow to make my weekly goal for my romance pen name. Phew! It was harder today for some reason. Don’t know if that’s because I’m home or if because I have a lot on my mind. But man… moving on.

And then my work day was done. My loved one that I’m a caregiver for needed my time, so I’m just glad I got my word count in.

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