7. Writing Out Loud (Sorry, it’s late)

7:30 AM – I woke up. That’s right. I slept in. A whole hour and a half. Or at least an hour. The dogs had me up, but they got a very stern “GO LAY DOWN” from me when they wanted to go out. Sometimes I think they just see me flutter an eye lash, assume I’m awake, then want my attention. I was sore from my zumba class and the workout from yesterday, so my dad and I both decided to take a break this morning.

8:30 AM – Finished editing my monthly Wrap Up while sipping my morning coffee.

You can watch it here:

10:00 AM – Arrived at the cafe.

11;45 AM – Wrote 2,000 words on new romance novelette. I know I can write more, but I’m trying an approach of not burning myself out too fast. So I decided to tap out for the morning after reaching 2,000 words instead of my usual 2,500. If I get 1,000 more this afternoon, I will be very pleased.


10:00 AM – Arrived at cafe.

12:00 PM – Wrote 2,500 words on new novelette romance for weekly serial series


2:30 PM – Wrote additional 1,300 words before I got a call from home saying the family needed me for something. Got some family stuff going on right now and it’s likely that tomorrow I will have to work from home. But c’est la vie.

3:00 PM – Finished drafted tomorrow’s newsletter from home.

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