6. Writing Out Loud

5:30 AM – Damn dogs decided that there was no going back and they had to go out right that second. Fair enough, mutts. I went to bed early and you held it for eight hours.

6:15 AM – Gave up hope of trying to fall back asleep.

6:45 AM – Workout with my dad. Today’s P90X3 workout was MMX. I like cardio kickboxing, but that was way more sprawl’s than I can commit to in 30 minutes. Sorry, Tony.

7:15 AM – Took the dogs on a walk. Because it’s finally cooling off enough for me to do. Before the concrete would burn their delicate paws. They were pleased.

8:00 AM – Showered and got dressed.

9:00 AM – Got done filming two new videos for my YouTube channel. Filmed three, but decided the third wasn’t good enough and I’m going to maybe redo it tomorrow.

10:00 AM – Arrived at the cafe. And to my luck, I didn’t get to work. It’s strange luck though. The woman who works behind the counter is very sweet and she pointed me in the direction of a writing group that meets at the cafe. Very nice ladies greeted me and wanted to know everything about what I do and how to get published. I don’t mind this kind of thing and I gladly sat with them for a couple of hours. And the lady behind the counter gave me a free tea as a thank you for helping them (her friends) out, but it did cut into my morning writing session.

12:00 PM – Went to lunch and decided to stay at the restaurant to work instead of going out to another coffee cafe. It was quiet and it worked out well enough. I write best in the morning, so I decided to stave off my writing again until tomorrow. Instead I edited 22,000 words in ‘Violet Blake 5.’

3:30 PM – Finished revision for the afternoon.

4:45 PM – Finished compiling the rough drafts of ‘Violet Blake 5’ for further revisions.

I think I might go edit a video now. Or at least get started on one. Then off the to gym for today’s second work out. I might not last long after all those sprawls this morning. Screw you, Tony.

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