5. Writing Out Loud

This might be getting a little repetitive, but oh well. That’s the whole idea. Log everything. So…

6:15 AM – Woke up. The doggies insisted. It was their right since they can usually hold it for up to 7 or 8 hours. So that’s fair enough for me given that I got to bed around 10.

7:15 AM – Workout. Started it late today because my dad wanted to visit over a cup of coffee first. We both had a hard time waking up.

8:00 AM – Breakfast

9:00 AM – Filmed two videos for my BookTube channel, although only one came out descent enough to post. The other I had lipstick on my cheek and I didn’t even realize it. *headdesk*

Here is that video:

10:00 AM – Arrived at cafe

10:30 AM – Finished my daily reading that I talked about above in the Friday Reads video.

12:00 PM – Drafted four newsletters for the new launch of the romance novelette I completed last week. The wheel on those is actually starting to turn. *dances

1:00 PM – Edited half my new romance novelette due for release next week.

1:30 PM – LUNCH BREAK. I decided not to eat out and just order a less than healthy meal at the cafe where I was working. Feeling lazy. It is Friday after all.

2:00 PM – Finished edited the video I posted above. Converted it, then uploaded it to YouTube.

3:30 PM – Finished final edits on new romance novelette, formatted and converted the file formats for my ARC Review List next week.

That’s a wrap for today because I’m going to a friend’s house of dinner. One of my writer buddies, Stephanie. I’m excited because she showed me edits for her first book and it looked so amazing. I can’t wait to talk to her about it some more. Although, I will admit that I might wait a few extra minutes before heading over there. It’s pouring outside right now and I would like for it to taper off a bit before I commit to running out in it.

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