4. Writing Out Loud

I doubt that anyone noticed, but I didn’t post yesterday like I committed to doing…oh…two days ago. The truth is, I needed a break from the daily grind. I’ve been going through some shit lately and I just needed a little down time. So I sent out a newsletter to my ARC Review Team for a recent short story I wrote for my romance pen name, then I edited a “Top 5 Wednesday” video. Followed by…well…going to a girlfriend’s house for coffee and shooting the breeze for four hours. Then I went to dinner with another friend for the evening. My girlfriends have really come through for me as far as being there during a difficult time in my life and I love them dearly. So I took a day to myself.

You can view the video I posted here:

So… here is what I’ve done for today. Which shockingly isn’t much. I’m being kind to myself this week by taking things one at a time and no places a whole lot of pressure on my mind. And it’s been really good for me.

6:30 AM – Woke up

6:45 AM – Worked out doing P90X3 with my dad. Triometrics day, which I seriously hate. Dreya or however you say her name seemed like she was practically on speed. What was up with that Tarzan roar? I mean seriously! Its morning on this end! Don’t be a bitch like that while the rest of us are struggling with those damn squats.

8:00 AM – Shower

9:00 AM Still not moving very fast. Gah!

10:00 AM – Arrived at cafe and read for an hour. It’s a new thing I’m trying for a little while. I want to read before working for hopefully an hour every day. Or more. Or less. But my BookTuber status right now sucks because I haven’t had the mind to read at all lately. That has to change. So I read for an hour.

11:00 AM – Posted new short story to Amazon and Draft2Digital. It should be live everywhere tomorrow, and I will send out a newsletter letting my subscribers know when it is. Also sent an email with revisions for a friend’s book that she’s working on.

12:30 PM – Finished first round of revisions on new romance novelette.

1:30 PM – Half of second revision completed.

Lunch Break

4:00 PM – Back to the cafe with my watermelon juice and tapioca balls. YUM YUM! Edited 5,000 words for the second revision of my new novelette, then I hit a wall. That’s been a common thread this week. Next week, I plan on getting back to being more diligent with my hours.

Home now, taking a break before making bruschetta for dinner tonight. The family loved it the last time I made it, so here it goes again.

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