3. Writing Out Loud

6:00 AM – Got up

6:45 AM – Workout

8:30 AM – As some may know, I’m living at home to care for a loved one. They need help with showering and the like. So I spent an hour at home helping out.

10:00 AM – Arrived at cafe.

12:45 PM – Wrote 4,700. Finished first draft of new romance novelette.

1:00 PM – Answered emails. One asking why a whole series isn’t free. Seriously people…would you take a free sample at a restaurant then ask for the whole meal for free too? What gives? Manners people! Manners! This is a business not a free buffet.

Writing was particularly hard this morning. I could write a whole blog post on how hard it is to write romance when you are going through tough personal times. Just ugh…*groan…double groan* Not happy. But I got through it. And for some reason, my readers have liked the romance content lately. So maybe good things can come from tough times?? Here’s hoping anyway.


Went home feeling a bit sick for the rest of the day. Still recovering from being ill for the last few weeks. But I got my word count in, so I’m satisfied. I really wish I could have revised more of Violet Blake today, but my brain was fried. *shrug* C’est la vie.

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