2. Writing Out Loud

September 21, 2015

10:30 AM – Arrived at cafe for morning writing session.

For anyone wondering about this, I have a morning routine. I like my mornings the way other people like their evenings. I take them slow. I get up at 6 AM, take the dogs outside, feed them, give them fresh water, then make my morning coffee or green tea. Depending on how health conscious I’m feeling on a particular morning… Then I sit at my computer and sort through emails and catch up on a few things until 6:45. I work out at 6:45 on the dot until about 7:30-7:45. Then I make my breakfast smoothie, sip it as I fool around online until about 8:30. Then I get ready to go out. Today I did this all rather slowly. I like waiting to go out until after rush hour is over and I also like the whole process of shower/hair/makeup/whatever. I often use this time to film as well. But not this morning… just meh. So yes, my morning get-ready time resembles most people’s evening time. I do it slowly and that’s how I like it for the time being.

11:30 AM – 2,546 words written on new novelette (Don’t tell me it can’t be done).

12:00 PM – Reviewed over morning words and made notes.

LUNCH BREAK – Veggie Kimchi soup at my favorite local Chinese place. YUM! And healthy as hell.

1:00 PM – Arrived at cafe for afternoon writing session

2:30 PM – 2,818 words written on new novelette

3:00 PM – Reviewed over afternoon words and made notes for tomorrow.

3:15 – Began 2nd revision of ‘Violet Blake 5.’

4:30 PM – 11,802 words of novella revised.

Total word count for today: 5,364

Total words revised/edited: 11,803

Now, off to buy more computer paper because I need to do some hardcore proof reading revisions (even though I never catch everything because I seriously SUCK at editing). Then off to my writer’s group with a friend of mine for the evening. Which is mostly us sitting around with a few beers and french fries, talking about Harry Potter.


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