1. Writing Out Loud

Remember how I used to log my writing? Well, I was doing it once a month or something. I’ve decided that I want to log my productivity a bit better so there’s a record out there to keep me honest.

So here’s the story. I have two pen names that I’m actively writing on currently. One romance (which is anonymous, so don’t ask what it is because I won’t tell you), and the obvious one, Bre Faucheux.

This week, I want to do two things. Write another romance short story, the third in a series I’m currently working, and finish the final edits on the last Violet Blake serial novella. Then the following week, I want to write another romance, and make Violet Blake into a boxed set. And also do some newsletter stuff and get the Facebook ads up and rolling. That’s a lot. I don’t think most people even realize how much that this.

The last few weeks were rough on me, to say the least. I was extremely sick and I had personal issues that kept me from being able to work. I’m recovering now (notice I used present tense and not past because recovery it’s still a word in progress), and I really want to immerse myself into my work.

As far as videos, I want to get back into my channel and do some filming. I have some ideas, but it feels like I forgot how to ride a bike. Grabbing the camera and talking feels a little foreign to me now. But alas, I shall find a way.

It may sound corny or cheeseball, but I’ve also got three other things I’m trying to apply to my life.

  1. This quote that I heard the Rock say in Instagram. I have it posted as a note now on my screen. It says “Always be the hardest worker in the room.” I loved that from the moment I read it, and I want to apply that to everything I do. I want to go to my writers groups and say “I did x,y and z this week.” I want to achieve word counts and goals that make others scratch their heads. Because I know I can do it.
  2. I want to develop my meditation practice a bit better. This is something I struggle with daily. Getting yourself to sit down and do nothing is literally like trying to get a child to eat their cooked carrots for me. It’s so HARD.
  3. Last night, as a treat to myself, I started a “Self-Love” journal. It was something I heard Kelly-Ann Maddox from ‘The Four Queens’ (who I adore on YouTube) talking about. I want to write in it as much as humanely possible for reference when I get down. And this month had downs I hadn’t experienced in years. So it’s something I really want to do for myself.

So here’s to this working for me. If you guys don’t see my daily post on what I accomplished that day or the day before that, get on me! You have my permission to harass me.

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