I’m Viking Obsessed! And No, It’s Not a Problem

The TV show “Vikings” has me a little enthralled right now. And I don’t care if it isn’t actually historically accurate. I just love it. Even though they killed off one of my favorite characters two weeks ago and I’m still mourning him. But there are plenty of other great characters to go around. (Am I seriously the only one who loves Floki? Watch him get killed off now that I said that. And I’m an episode behind…*bites nails*)

I’ve been looking up Viking hair tutorials online because Lagertha is BAMF! And so is her hair. Seriously, I LOVE that chick. One of the most bad ass bitches on television. And I personally think she looks an awful lot like Scarlett Johanson.


I’m looking up Nordic myths and getting to know their gods and goddesses through folklore and all the ancient pagan awesomeness. The history of their legends and the pagan Nordic gods is so rich and detailed.

I even listen to the score of “Vikings” and other pieces that are Nordic related while writing.

Trevor Morris’s score for the series is out of this world amazing. He also did some scoring for “The Tudors,” (I think…)

I know that this is not always true of all pagan cultures, but particularly the druids and some of the Viking tribes treated their women very well. They could hold titles, divorce their husbands, own land, and fight alongside their men in battle. So naturally being a feminist and a martial artist, I am totally digging this little snippet of history. It was even said that Julius Caesar claimed that his men got particularly afraid when they saw female druids taking to the battlefields beside their men because they were such vicious warriors. The druids (not sure about Vikings as they believed in Valhalla), believed that once they were killed in battle, they would be reincarnated. Therefore they had no fear of death. So they fought tooth and nail without fear. Something that other people didn’t really understand at the time.

Anyway, if you have followed me for any length of time or have seen my Pinterest page, you would know that I did all this ancient tribal stuff. So I had to take a few minutes this morning to share.

And on a side note, LaDollyVita333 on YouTube does the most amazing Lagertha hair tutorials in the world.

This has been a blog post.


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