Things I Regret | Things I Don’t Regret

This is a topic I found on a random website and I thought it was genius, so here it is. For no particular reason at all.

Things I Regret:

– Spending time with people I thought were my friends in high school. They often mistreated me. I didn’t have a solid concept of who my real friends were.

– Not being more social in college. I was all about the grades and studying. Not recommended. Being on the Dean’s List isn’t as fun as keeping friends over the years that you met at uni. I left with a few really good ones, but I could have had so much more fun if I had allowed myself.

– Letting others stop me from writing. That one creative writing teacher who told me I wasn’t good at writing and to throw away my stories. I could seriously deck her still to this day. She was like…70 something… had dread locks down to her but, and arm sleeve tattoos. You know who you are! And you suck. I lost precious years of self-learning due to your ignorance and your balls to actually speak what was on your mind. No matter who it hurt.

– Biting my nails for so many years. Enough said.

– Not standing my ground to my parents enough. There were a few instances where it really changed the course of my life because I went along with what they wanted. I should have fought for the things I wanted a little harder. My mom stopped me from playing violin because of her own bad experiences in band. She thought she was protecting me, but I cried for weeks when she said no to filling out my band slip for the teacher. Then when I dyed my hair dark because I have always found dark hair and light eyes to be sexier. My parents sent me right back to the salon to change it back to blonde. I cried again. Mom said I looked like a hooker. Well, I have darker hair now. So I clearly won that battle eventually. And then when they said I had to quite gymnastics because it was too dangerous. They were just worried parents, but still. Gymnastics was my first love. And you never forget your first love.

Things I Don’t Regret:

– Moving back home to take care of a sick relative of mine. Very sick. It really caused my self image to take a knock (mostly because most people I know my age are either married, or living with a boyfriend and on their own by now), but looking back on it, it was the moral and right decision.

– Going abroad for my Masters. Yes, I am in more debt. Yes, I haven’t done anything with my degree just yet. But it was my dream and the experience of a lifetime. I made so many friends. Traveled non-stop, and discovered myself on an entirely new level.

– Self-publishing my work. Yes, I get the occasional REALLY nasty review, people tell me I can’t write, and I get a strange feeling whenever I see someone is reading one of my books on GoodReads. But I still get emails from people telling me how much they like such and such story. There is nothing quite like that.

– Creating boundaries. This one is gonna sound a bit strange because for personal reasons I am not going to give it any context, but it is utterly important to create boundaries for yourself. Not only for emotional and moral reasons, but for self care and self love reasons. We sometimes need boundaries set in place to protect ourselves. I had to put them into place to make sure that my life ran smoothly and I didn’t end up in a negative cycle. Because last summer was miserable for me. Mainly because I didn’t set up boundaries. Now that I have them for certain reasons, I am a much happier person. You are allowed to create boundaries! Remember that!

The end.

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