Oh the Confusion!!

i want to talk about character POVs for a few minutes today. And how this new WIP I am working on is completely rattling my brain tissue and turning it into mush.

So remember that awesome fantasy project I was talking about a long time ago? The one that I desperately told myself to continue writing but convincing myself to put on the back burner because other things were more important. Well, I decided that a story that makes me feel that way IS what’s most important and recently got back to working on it. Which is great. Kinda…

The only problem I am really running into is carrying this huge ass story is my head and keeping it organized on even the smallest scale.

When I was first in Creative Writing classes, I was taught to do multiple character POVs like this:

Character A,B and C.

Chapter 1: Character A

Chapter 2: Character B

Chapter 3: Character C

ABC, ABC, ABC, etc.

Repeat in this order until the end of the novel.

So I have three characters. I was originally going to write the first part of the novel in character A’s POV. Then part 2 in character B’s POV. And part C in character C’s POV. Etc. Etc.

So with character A, I did this cool thing. I started in the present, then ever other chapter I went back to five years ago to show how A got into the situation she was in and to do some world building. So I have 15+ chapters that go back and forth from present to past. Cool right? Switching like that? :::shrug::: I thought so. Oh clever me! Not so much.

I then discovered that each of these characters needed a beginning. So I wrote individual prologues for each of them before the story got started. But then I started seeing all these cool scenes in between and behind the scenes of what is going on for character A.

So my chapters are starting to look like this.

Prologue character A

Prologue character B

Prologue character C

Character A Present

Character A Past

Random B scene

Character A Present

Character A Past

Random C scene

Yeah…it’s all kinds of fucked up and I don’t know if this’s okay. No, of course it’s not okay. It’s going to confuse my readers even though it makes perfect sense in my jumbling brain. Gah!! I don’t know what to do. What does a writer do with these huge as ideas anyway? I thought of making notecards, but meh…not sure how to do that. And then I thought just write the damn thing and make sense of it later. But that makes all these feels and fears come around lurking, telling me that if you don’t have some kind of organzation in mind, you are doing all these scenes that might eventually have to be cut. Cut means hours lost, hours lost means work lost.

My face does this on a daily basis now:  \ o.O/

Has anyone else read a book out there that does things like this? Or am I just trying for something that is going to completely confuse people?? Because I don’t know enough about character B and C’s backstories and insert entire scenes behind what is going on with character A…if that makes sense?? Plus, if I were to insert MORE scenes with B and C, it would spoil this huge thing that is going to happen later.

Dear Writing Gods/Goddess,

Why do you do this to me? The fear is paralyzing!

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