My Third Tarot Reading

According to my tarot reader, Mercury Retrograde is a time when all your frustrations or the things you have buried deep inside you comes to the forefront. She also mentioned that she used to never read during Mercury Retrograde because it was all too much, but recently started doing it because that is when people need some guidance through tarot.

She put down the first card and said, “Man, you are really going through some stuff right now.” Haha! Yep. That’s Mercury Retrograde for ya.

Anyway, the basic message she had for me (or that the cards had for me) is that I have all the tools that I need. I just need to apply them. That was something I already knew, but needed to hear. Apparently I am handling other things in my life really well. Doing a lot of reflection, self-correction, and remaining strong. But I am continuously letting cycles regarding a lack of faith in myself or that certain things will happen as time progresses. I have a habit of wanting them to happen too quickly. My brain will catch up with my heart so to speak. My heart knows what is right, but the mind is over-analyzing it.

Yeah, that is definitely me.

Also, I have become very interested in numerology. I looked up my path life number and it was really dead on. Freakishly dead on. I want to buy some more books on it. It even said that those on my number path have an interest in mysticism. Which is probably why I go to a tarot reader to begin with. Apparently I have an open mind for such things and it helps me to make sense of things by having an open mind.

My reader is so dead on accurate on other accounts. She said to me that these last two months were really “game on” for me and that I accomplished a lot. So true. Then these last few days were rather blah and that was why I needed to reading. That and damn you Mercury Retrograde.

I know a lot of people don’t believe in this sort of thing, but I seem to be surrounded by people who do. I have two Indian friends who regularly see an astrologer and give them a great amount of respect and recognition. And their astrologers from the stories they have told me were dead on accurate. To a degree that is frightening. Then I have my atheist friends who tell me to get a grip. *shrug* All I know is that a little reflection through the use of an outside source can be very helpful.

We also talked a little about shadow work and healing from things we didn’t know we had buried. A concept that I had heard of before but is now becoming much clearer. Maybe I will have more to say about that in future.

Also…funny thing… she said at the end of my reading “the struggle is real.” Just to be funny. But the odd part is, I considered earlier today making a blog post called, “The Struggle Is Real” on how writing this month has been going. Love that kind of thing. Our minds were on the same track.

Good experience. I love my reader. She is so intuitive.

Wish I had more to say than that. Bye for now.

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