Authors I Want to Meet | T5W

Today’s “Top 5 Wednesday” is going to be a blog post. I didn’t get the chance to film it this week as I have been fighting a sinus infection. So here it is. The top 5 authors I would love to meet.

5.) Edgar Allan Poe. I have the feeling that this guy is going to be on a lot of people’s lists. He was dark. He came from a place of a lot of pain and loss. Yet he managed to take that energy and turn it into several creative masterpieces. I would love to know what made this man tick. What invigorated him and helped him when things seemed impossible.

4.) William Shakespeare. For the mere purpose of knowing if he spoke the way he wrote. That might seen strange, but I’m just curious. Okay, so that isn’t the only reason. There are several. I was the nerd in high school who voluntarily took Shakespeare as an elective course. He was not required reading. Yet I wanted to know more about his work. He managed to take old stories and weave them into something new. Many people are not aware that plays such as Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet were not originally his. He reworked those stories into something new that audiences of his day and age could understand and relate to. I find that inspiring. I want to know how he managed to do that.

3.) J.K Rowling. Another one that must be on many people’s lists. Because her story is inspiring. She literally came from nothing. She was broke. Living on the dole. And alone with a small baby. Yet she created something magical. I am fascinated by authors who can learn to ignore their often dark surroundings and create something incredible from a place of darkness. How did she do that? I want to have this conversation with her.

4.) George Orwell. This man opened my eyes to how the world really is. Rather than how so many people wish it was. I learned to look at politics, government and the motivations behind people’s agendas in a new way through his books such as 1984 and Animal Farm. They taught so much. And I didn’t even realize it until years later. One day I would like to go back and reread his work to see if I can get even more out of it than I did when I first read them.

5.) Morgan Rhodes. Yeah, I went there again. Because I love her. I love her stories. I love her in interviews. I love that he created a world that I could escape to and one that entranced my imagination. Going through her books really taught me some tips on writing and how to develop characters on a different level. One that I was completely unfamiliar with. She is very daring in her writing and somewhat fearless. I love that.

Okay. That’s all for now. Off to start writing for the day.


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