Rude to be Kind

Today’s blog pot entry is going to be a bit angry. A bit of a rant. So be prepared for it.

Earlier today, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at creating my own cover images. I have no talent for it and I was hoping that they would not look too amateur. I went onto a website that offers royalty free images for a small price. Found the perfect one, and paid a little money for it. Once the money had been transferred, I was sent a link to download the image. The link was faulty. It said that I had not paid for the image.

No problem. Just contact customer support, right? That’s what I did. I emailed them. Let them know about the problem. I got an automated response saying that I should check the order form on the website for a new link. I went there. Same problem. I emailed them a second time to tell them it still wasn’t working. And what did I get? ANOTHER automated response. Telling me that they link was resent. I tried it. It didn’t work.

Okay. I was getting angry by this point. What kind of customer support is it when the responses are all automated. And I take it that the site thought the problem was resolved because they sent me an email. I decided to send a rather intense email back saying PLEASE just send me the image via email. Because this is getting ridiculous and I needed the image for a deadline (a self-imposed one, but still). i don’t understand what the big problem is with just emailing me the darn image.

Anyway, I got a very angry email back (this time with the image) saying that I didn’t have to use their website if I didn’t want to. And this time, it was actually written by someone and was not an automated response.

The bottom line is, I had to be rude in order to get any kind of HUMAN response back from the site. I had to put words in upper case and tell these people that this problem needs to be resolved in order for them to do anything. And their response made it appear as though I was the one with the problem and that I needed to chill.

Sorry! Poor broke former student here can’t afford to be shelling out money for people who don’t give customers the time of day! My time is precious and I lost a few hours messing with this when I could have been writing.

This is an ongoing trend that I am noticing about the world. I have to be rude in order to get any kind of response or a reply for my problems or concerns. And it’s not just with customer support. It’s at restaurants. It’s at the gym. It’s in the drive through for morning coffee. Everywhere! And I don’t like being rude. I don’t like making people go out of their way to help me. I don’t even like bothered waiters to ask for a knife in a restaurant. I feel like I am imposing. I hate having to be rude. But it often seems like that is the only option. And after I get a response (often finally), the other person responds as though I am totally out of line and there was no problem to begin with.

*headdesk headdesk headdesk*

Okay. Off to kickboxing. I need to hit something.

Rant over.

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