Violet Blake III is Finished!

:::happy dance:::

:::Champagne Toast:::



Yeah. That is basically how I feel. Overall at least. Book III in this series has been long coming. I published the second book (first edition) of the series back in May of 2014, I think… and due to personal reasons, the story hit a giant wall and i wasn’t able to work on it. Drama. Personal life. Blockage. More blockage. Sludge. Crap. Exhaustion. Then when I decided to attack the series from a side angle and tell Chloe Winter’s story (to give me more time to work on Violet’s) I was finally able to give it another go.

So, “The Memoria of Chloe Winter’ should be available by tomorrow. It is currently uploading. And I don’t want to hear one damn little word about ANY grammatical errors, because I edited that sucker to within an inch of it’s life. If it has too many and i am told multiple times about this, then I will give it another glance. But for now, I am moving on. To Violet Blake IV to be exact. It is finished in the first draft and needs to be edited. I am also starting on the new Elder Origins books.

First week of 2015, one book down. At least it is the first week for me because I didn’t get started working again until this previous Monday. So in my brain, first week was a success. I wanted to get more than that done and finish editing book III and book IV. Haha! No such chance in hell. I read so slowly and I don’t know what I was thinking whilst believing that I could get 200 pages edited in the span of one week. I must have been tripping. Or I was being overly positive and ambitious. Stronger minds prevailed. Editing takes time. And I often forget that editing is often MUCH more exhausting than writing. Editing weeks are the dredges of my life. And I don’t look forward to editing more next week.

So yay! And…oh, is that a bed? *thud*

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