December | Writing Log

TOTAL: 56,246

And I did that in the span of three weeks. Lost a week and a half due to holidays and my trip to Denver to see some college girl friends for New Years.

Now now, before anyone gets on my case about writing too much and that my work can’t possibly be good if I am writing that much, I will instantly refer you to my recently ‘Champagne Thursday’ where I discuss my philosophy on quantity vs quality in the writing world. I do not believe that slow and steady wins the race. I never have. And I never will. Especially with what I am trying to accomplish. So any complaints about the quantity of writing will quickly be referred to the video.

Moving on.

Last month was all about getting a couple more books on Violet Blake out there. I finished two new novellas on it, about 1000 pages each. A little over 25,000 words a piece. I am finally happy with both of them. I am going to edit them this week and hopefully have them both out by the end of the week. I have one more cover to buy and I will just about be there.

This month after I finish editing will be all about ‘The Elder Origins.’ I was shocked, SHOCKED, to find that Elder Origins is starting to sell well and gets fairly descent reviews on Amazon. So I am going to have it be my focus this month and try to get two if not more books done on it. If I need more time I will extend that into March. Although ideally I would like March to focus on another series I write under a different pen name. And then April will be all about getting my high fantasy finished. At least the first draft of it. So yes, that is the plan. We’ll see how I progress.

Oh, also… I want to try writing at least one blog post a day. Or five a week if things get too hectic. They won’t always be topic oriented. Some might very well be rants. Others will be about random things that have nothing to do with writing but more on my views on certain things. Life. The World. And the fact that I am not particularly peacy about certain things. But I hope that’s okay.

I saw a post on Instagram a while ago that said “2014 was Practice, 2015 is Game On.” And that is totally and completely how I feel.

GAME ON! The energy of this New Year feels like it is spiraling toward me without control or a stop in sight. And I am going to embrace it with open arms.

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