Hip hip hooray! For my best ever writing day!

Today was proof that something good can come out of something bad. This morning was a bad morning. Just bad. Member of my family picked a very unnecessary fight with me. One that was for absolutely no reason at all. I left the house in a huff and escaped to my favorite coffee cafe to hopefully get some writing done. On a Saturday no less.

And I did. 5,400 words to be exact.

I have been doing some reading lately. Mostly on my Kindle and not on “Gathering Darkness” like I had hoped. I am not nearly as far in it as I would like to be. But I decided to take it slow and enjoy it rather than devouring it. Because I did that with Rebel Spring, and in effect I couldn’t remember all the events that happened at the end upon picking up Gathering Darkness. i went onto Morgan Rhodes’s Tumblr to get a refresher actually.

Anyway, back on track. Reading on my Kindle. Lots of books on writing. And what I have gathered from them is that I spent the previous nine months in a complete tale spin in my own head. It pretty much said: Nothing I write is good enough. Delete. This scene sucks. Delete. This entire story needs to be rewritten because of X,Y and Z. Delete.

I lost some serious time because of this. Time that could be making me money right now. I have an obsession with perfection and crafting the perfect story. But what I tend to forget often enough is that I will always be learning. If I put out a crappy story, so what. It was a learning experience and the next one will be better because of it. I will have at least learned something.

I have been working furiously on Violet Blake. I almost have part III completed. But I am not going to publish it right away. I want to finish part IV. And I intend to do so by the end of this month. That way when I do publish it, I can put the next one out relatively quick. I have three if not four other short stories to go along with it once it is completed. I might even publish those before I finish the series.

In other words, these books made me realize one key and salient thing. It doesn’t really matter if the story isn’t perfect. If it isn’t even great. I have been told by others that I can write. Not perfectly or maybe even at times in a way that is grammatically sound, but I can write. And I need to be doing more of it.

I gave myself a break last month and didn’t do as much writing as I am capable of. Actually, it was more like a two month break. I needed it. I wasn’t in a good head space. And I think that I am that type of person who is starting to really hate the holidays. I personally think that they bring a lot of unnecessary pressure. I enjoyed them when I was little. And I think that they are more for the little ones these days. Because anyone with personal woes knows that the holidays bring about a lot of stress. And the coming of these holidays were not different. So I am forcing them into something good by working my butt off.

Another thing that I learned from these books. Publish. Don’t go back over my material over and over and over again until I convince myself that it is not good enough. I need to have material out all the time. This is something that I always knew. And it was something that I wanted to practice. But the discipline to finally do it is just now starting to take effect because I know what kind of daily word counts I am capable of.

So soon, I am going to start posting maybe weekly writing logs to keep myself honest and let people know what I am working on. How the progress is going. And what this journey of self-publishing is really like for me.

So… last week:

Dec. 8 – 4,400 words on Violet Blake 3

Dec. 9 – 2,000 words on Violet Blake 3

Dec 10 – 3,000 words on Violet Blake 3

Dec 11 – 3,000 words on Violet Blake 3

Dec 12 – 4,000 words on Violet Blake 3

And today, Saturday the 13th – 5,400 words on Violet Blake 3. A new personal record.

PS – This blog post is approx. 850 words in addition to that.

I wish I could do this every day. I am going to keep shooting for the sky every day, hoping for maybe 4,000 a day. I know there are people out there who say that this kind of writing is just typing. And not conducive to quality work.  I disagree. If you Google it, some really great works by authors were written in a matter of days. Such as “Boy with the Stripped Pajamas.” That book was written in a matter of days. So that argument to me is somewhat mute.

You know…for anyone who wanted to put that remark out there.

Over and out.

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