Phase 3 Complete. And no, this is not the end.

What to say? What to say?

My teeth look beautiful now. No really! They do. Amazing. Lovely. White. Not cracks like before. I am not ashamed to smile anymore and not thinking to myself while filming that everyone is looking at my cracked front tooth. Which is great. But this particular phase ended up being the most painful.

Does anyone else here know about veneers? They are great, to be fair. They are porcelain, so they should last me a while. And expensive, so they damn well better. But this was so painful. They saw your actual teeth down to nubs and put the falsies on. And for a brief moment, the numbing shot started to wear off. My dentist has this theory about numbing you gradually as you go. So far, I am not a fan. Because my nubs/roots were exposed for a short period of time. And I swear to god, every single breath of air I took was agony. I could feel the very air in my  mouth as if it was freezing ice cold ocean water from the night of the Titanic’s demise IN MY MOUTH! Pure agony. She shot me up really quick, but those 45 seconds are embedded in my memory.

She told me later that I am one of her favorite patients because I don’t whine and complain. Which is true and kinda great for them because I imagine people get grouchy in that chair when it takes a long time.  I have done this dance so many times that I know to shut up and just let them do their job. Although it is hard not to whine when she says to breathe through my nose while she has half a dozen fingers in my mouth blocking the airway to my nose. And my nose was swollen from the numbing stuff which didn’t help the breathing bit at all. But anyway… c’est la vie.

One more crown. A few cavities (inevitable with my teeth) and some more gum therapy for my poor gums. Gum therapy is no fun. They deaden your whole mouth so they can clean UNDER your gums. Yes, it is as vile as it sounds. And yes, you can still feel it when they hit a tender spot. But in all fairness, my teeth felt really clean and polished afterward.

This has been a dental rant.

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