Past Life Regression

I never realized until this previous Saturday, November 22, that I have a problem with fidgeting. How did I come by this realization? I went to my first ever past life regression hypnosis session.

I know. I know. And um, I know. Most people will consider it to be bullshit. Even though half the known world believes in reincarnation and the Abrahamic faiths once did as well before it was ousted from Biblical records in the 500s, but we won’t go there. Well, yes we will briefly, but I don’t want to offend. So it will be brief.

Anyway. I have recently kinda rediscovered my spirituality. No, I did NOT find religion. I did NOT find Jesus. And I am NOT trying to say that I know something that others don’t. So there is my little disclaimer, because those trains are never late to the station. This was my personal experience and these are the things I believe. That is all I can say.

Recently, I started reading the works of Dr. Brian Weiss. To say that I like him thus far would be an understatement. This guy is kinda awesome. For the last two decades (or something like that), he has been doing past life regression hypno-therapy. He was doing a hypnosis session with a woman one day years back, trying to free her of some phobias she had. He asked her a rather open ended question. “When did your phobia of choking/water start?” And she didn’t give him some childhood memory. She stated in this moment of hypnosis that she tried to get to her child who was drowning in the ocean…and she died. She drowned in the water along with her child. This was in 4000 B.C. or something. ***mind is blown*** I mean Dr. Weiss’s mind. Not mine. Although I think the story is really cool.

Dr. Brian Weiss is a Princeton educated psychologist, so he actually has credentials. People thought he was crazy to actually investigate this side to para-psychology, but he did it anyway. Apparently he was persecuted in a previous life for trying to investigate this one time before. Not surprising given that it goes against Christian doctrine. But he needed to complete his research. So he is doing so in this life.

So here’s the thing. I have ALWAYS believed in reincarnation. When I was a kid, something about it just rang true to me personally. It was a natural thing. Like…duh! Yes. Of course I have lived before. That explains X, Y, and Z. Until I started going to church at a young age and they told me in Bible study that such a thing is not possible because my soul belongs to God and I only have one life to live, therefore I better commit to Jesus fast because you never know. I could die tomorrow and if I haven’t accepted Jesus into my heart, my soul would burn in hell or I would be lost forever because there are no second chances. You will not be reborn. So submit to the will of God right away. Otherwise eternity in a pit of fire is a long freaking time.

My face did this: o.O

(And no, I am not trying to offend anyone, this was just MY experience. I feel the need to reiterate that a lot because I was always having to defend myself in earlier years of discovering my beliefs).

Basically, I came to realize in college that the entire pitch above was a B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.T. marketing strategy. Let’s give the church some kudos man, because that was genius. One life. One chance. Submit! Like RIGHT now. Otherwise you will burn, and cry, and scream in a place where no one can hear your pain and suffering.

Sorry, but reincarnation makes more sense in my poor little pauper brain. With that being said, here was my experience.

Last Saturday, I went to my first ever past life regression session. Having ALWAYS felt like I lived before, possibly multiple times. I was all kinds of nervous, excited and scared. I have one particular fear/phobia that has carried on my entire life. I was terrified that this certain fear would come out and show me that I died in this manner. So I specifically said an affirmation that I DID NOT want to know just yet if that was the case. So please powers that be, don’t let me find out about that in front of other people within a group session. Because that would suck.

Anyway…moving on. I had an extremely hard time sitting still. I downloaded some meditation tapes after the whole thing because I want to become better at this in the future so other sessions might go deeper. I cannot relax. That is a given. Sitting there and trying to focus was one of the most difficult things I have tried to do in recent years. I need more practice. By the time we reached that pivotal point where I was trying to actually peek into a past life, I had a moment of: WAIT! NOT YET! My brain isn’t ready. I’m not relaxed yet. STOP!

It took me about a minute longer than I assume everyone else to get in the right frame of mind. But eventually, I did see things. Things I can’t really explain. I wondered later if it was my imagination, or if I was actually seeing things that were real to me in a previous life. The woman running it (who was trained by Dr. Brian Weiss) told another girl not to say that she thought it might be her imagination, because that was toxic energy and don’t question your subconscious. It opens up a can of worms. Those weren’t her exact words, but that was the feeling I got from it. So here is me trying to not question my subconscious.

I am not going to get in the specifics of it all, because it was extraordinarily personal. I actually started crying before the group session ended. It had a profound effect on me. My tarot reader told me a month ago that I had a message coming to me from somewhere beyond relatively soon, and I believe that I might have received it. I was told something that I needed to hear. Something that others had already told me, but this particular person that said it in my subconscious was the one I really needed to hear it from. And that person…I truly believe…was my daughter in a previous life. And that is all I am going to say about that part of it.

My death in this particular life explains a lot of health issues I have in my current life. Had them all my life and not a single doctor could tell me why or what it was. All they said was that it was a “failure to thrive.” RED FLAG!

My views on certain things were explained given my previous life circumstances. Small things such as: manners, proper behavior, courtship… things I questioned that I thought made me strange were all of a sudden clear to me. I believe X, Y, Z because such and such happened. Does that make sense? Hope so.

Certain obsessions I have had over the years make a lot more sense now. I have always had a love for England. Now I know why. It is not a stretch to say that I lived in England. That is something I have ALWAYS thought to be true.

This experience, although strange and very foreign to me, I believe was real. I think I got a slight glimpse into the past. And it basically told me that the things that others have told me are wrong about myself, or are things that I need to change about myself, are facets to my personality that are there for a very specific reason. I have trouble with dating (I believe) because I have mostly had arranged marriages in the past. The act of “getting to know” someone is and always has been a really foreign concept to me. It doesn’t come naturally. Never has.

Things others do as a teenager, such as drinking under age or partying never appealed to me in the slightest because I was raised in a previous life to know that ladies just don’t do certain things. This makes me sound like a prig and anti-feminist (which I am not), I know. But behaviors that other people defend, particularly in the media just don’t make any fucking sense to me at all. I think to myself, “Why would you do something so stupid?” Primarily because of the “young ladies should not behave like that” thing. It is probably why I earned the name “grandma” in graduate school.

I am perfectly content with being alone. Mostly because I was the home keeper. I have always known this. ALWAYS. I knew that I was a housewife at some point. Because in this current life, I am just too damn fiercely independent for my own good really…

I came out of it and felt like I just woken up from a coma and the whole world felt different. Like things I had always known were confirmed for me. And I no longer had to defend myself or make excuses when people ask me why I am the way that I am. It was just so OBVIOUS why I am the way that I am. And there was nothing wrong with things others have told me were strange.

I walked around the shop where the event was held for a little while in a complete daze. Met some nice people. And then saw this necklace below. I actually first saw it a week prior and smacked myself all week for not buying it. Especially since it was a unique piece and no other ones like it existed from that artist. So when I saw it there again, I grabbed it. I have been wearing it non-stop to commemorate my first past life regression session.



I know that this was probably the most random post ever. I tend to use my blog more as a journal and let the verbal throw up commence. But there you go. A rather awesome, jaw opening, and scary experience.

So naturally I’m planning on doing it again next month.


8 thoughts on “Past Life Regression

  1. Stacy

    I find this fascinating! You remind me a lot of myself. I’m an old soul too! Right before I got married, I had a conversation with my fiance about what I expected our marriage to be like. I’ve always felt very strongly about male and female roles. I needed him to be the one providing for our family, and I needed to be a homemaker. I’ve always worked, I have no problem with women working, but I’ve always pictured my self as a homemaker. Even as a kid, I knew that’s what I wanted when I grew up. I have no interest in having a career and never did. That being said, I do work my butt off at home. I have to keep my house just right or I feel totally out of sorts. I always thought it was a feng shui thing, but maybe it’s not. I also had the craziest experience many years ago that I swore was a past life thing. I was 19 and working at a bagel shop, when this man, that I never met before, would come in, and the hair on the back of my neck would stand up. We barley spoke, other then him telling me his order, but I felt almost like I was in a trance every time he came in. I KNEW him. But I didn’t know him. I really felt like I knew him from “Before”. Before when, I had no idea. I don’t know if I was married to him, or if he was my brother, but to this day, I’m still convinced I knew him from another time and place. I always wondered if he felt the same way whenever he saw me. I almost asked him once, but chickened out. So, long story short, you’re not crazy. Maybe what Catholics consider Purgatory is really people reliving their lives until they get it right, who knows. Makes me think of the movie What Dreams May Come. Maybe the world is full of old and new souls. The people who think it’s crazy are just on their first life! Good luck with figuring this all out, I’d love to do something like that!

    1. Since you sound interested, I am going to link one of Dr. Brian Weiss’s radio show’s for you. I think you might really enjoy it. There are 12 parts and it is so interesting.

      Thank you for the comment. I have had that feeling with one or two people before. Total strangers, but I just felt like I KNEW them from somewhere. And I also knew that saying so would sound like a pick up line, so I stayed silent. Haha! Maybe you did know this man. Did he give you the creeps or was it a good feeling? Dr. Weiss says we are born without our past memories because it would be too overwhelming. But this guy must have made an impression on you for you to feel that way.

      I have a feeling that I want a career so bad because I was not allowed in another life. But at the same time, I want something that allows me to work from home so I am can take care of home like things. Weird? Dunno. The whole office thing doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest.

      Hope I find someone like you did who understands that about me. Cool that you and your husband have that and understand one another.

  2. Stacy

    Thanks for the link, I’ll definitely watch it! The man in the bagel shop didn’t give me the creeps at all. I just had an overwhelming sense of recognition. When ever he came in, it was like time stopped. But it wasn’t an attraction thing. He was just a normal looking guy. I remember just staring at him, hoping he would recognize me too. He never said anything if he did. Guess I’ll never know who he was.

    1. That is so amazing. I haven’t had an experience like that before. Sounds completely amazing. I guess like a deja vu thing. Maybe he was a kindred spirit in a previous life to you.
      Maybe he did recognize you, but he was too shy. 🙂

  3. fromheretolove

    Hi Bre,

    This is such a great post! I love the “I’m-not-a-nut-job” preface in the beginning. I’m also not a nut job, but I’ve been following Dr. Weiss for many years. I think I was a teenager when I read his first book, and have been fascinated with this subject ever since.

    There is a video on youtube of Dr. Weiss actually doing a group past life regression session, that you can do yourself, without having to go to a hypnotherapist.

    I was a little nervous the first time (alone, at home) I tried it. I didn’t have quite such a strong experience, probably because I refused to let go completely. But after a few minutes of “nothing’s happening… am i doing this wrong?… is this thing even on?”
    I felt an overwhelming wave of grief come over me, so much so that tears started running down my face. I knew for sure it was grief and also knew for sure that it wasn’t my grief – certainly not from anything in this current lifetime.

    Then the grief subsided and I started to have difficulty breathing (in a way that sounded exactly like my grandfather used to breath – he suffered from COPD and ultimately lung cancer). That lasted for a minute and then also subsided. Then the session was over.

    A few weeks later I did the same video again, but this time I was a lot less nervous and much more able to relax into it (although still not 100%). During the second session, I caught glimpses, like quick movie clips, and a sense of “knowing” what was happening. These had the quality of dreams, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t asleep.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share that and to let you know that it’s wonderful that you shared your experience here. Happy travels!

    1. Hi there!

      Sorry that I did not see your message sooner. It lost in the shuffle. My apologies.
      Yeah, I felt like the “I’m not a nut job” preface was necessary. I grew up around a lot of Jesus freaks and I always feel like that particular group is always lurking, ready to tell me to find Jesus. I guess it’s paranoia. Haha!

      I was considering doing some of Dr. Brian Weiss’s past life regression recordings from YouTube. I want to try some on my own. Although I never really get a few minutes to myself. So it makes it difficult. But yeah, I have that on my to do list for some time in the coming months ahead.

      Your experience sounds so amazing. I also sensed a lot of concern and grief. But it wasn’t coming from me. I think that it might have been coming from my daughter in a former life. I caught glimpses of her and she had a very direct message for me. One that I needed to hear. One that was really touching. I really want to do it more in the future and learn as much as I can.

      If I have more good experiences, or maybe even not so good… I plan on sharing pieces of them. Maybe not the whole thing as it is quite personal to a degree, I definitely want my experiences out there on some level so other who are just learning about past life regression can find it.

      Thanks for commenting.

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