Phase 2 Complete. Holy Shit Batman.

How shall I even begin?

I went to the dentist again yesterday to do the next part of my procedures. Enough said with that alone. But alas, I shall try to continue.

Remember how they embarrassed me last time by writing down my blood pressure instead of saying it? Well, this was worse. I have always had the nice laughing gas. I was thoroughly looking forward to having the gas and being in La La land whilst they worked. I asked for the gas and my dentist looks at me with the whole “are you kidding?” look on her face.

The face said the following: You pussy! You can’t be serious! This isn’t even that bad!

What she actually said: This is just aesthetic work.

Apparently in these modern times you only get the gas for “serious” stuff. But this a decade ago WAS considered “serious” stuff. Forgive me for missing the memo.

Grr! Yeah, maybe that aesthetic thing is true. But you are sawing down my teeth to a nub and added crowns. I have done enough of these to know that it is massively unpleasant. And I don’t need YOU telling me to toughen up (even though she didn’t say that, I know that is what she meant).

So she brings the chair downward and gives me the numbing gel to prepare for the shots. I take a few deep breaths to calm down. She then says, “Are you okay, because you are hyperventilating.”


NO! I am trying to take a few deep breaths to prepare! I have been in a catastrophic accident where I was hyperventilating. I bloody well KNOW what hyperventilating feels like. And that was NOT hyperventilating. I was so insulted. Apparently I couldn’t take a deep breath without being seen as a pussy.

They started calling me a “rockstar” after that and telling me that I was “doing so good.” Too late. The damage was done. And I don’t need a compliment for my ability to stay still with multiple fingers in my mouth for four hours straight. For some reason, I found the compliments even more irritating.

So four and a half hours later, I am about done. Reaching the breaking point and I am ready to tell them that I am through for the day. They feel the same and stop. I came home to eat some yummy butternut squash and take the pain pill. I thought it would be a rough night, but I slept like a rock. Thank god.

I have only temporaries in my mouth right now and they look pretty, but I can’t smile. I am still swollen. Still a bit numb, and my gums are an absolute fucking mess. This was not the worst of dental procedures I have had to do, but it was not a walk in the park. But I do think that the anticipation is the worst part.

But I just hate it when people who have not had a lot of work done themselves or have had one or two things act like I am a wimp about these kinds of things. If you had the amount of work that I did growing up, you wouldn’t laugh. I have a right to get nervous because I KNOW what is coming.

Rant over.

4 thoughts on “Phase 2 Complete. Holy Shit Batman.

  1. I totally understand what you’re saying. I have 2 kids that both had the same exact foot surgery done 2 months ago. They have extremely deformed flat feet and needed to have several bones broken and realigned. They also had a bullet sized metal plug inserted into their ankles to help support their new arch. They had to wear a walking boot for 6 weeks and have been out of the boot for 3 weeks now. In January both kids will go back and have the other foot done. We all just went and did a service project at a homeless shelter. It was hard labor type of stuff and my kids worked their butts off for 2 straight hours, then they both needed to sit because their feet were hurting. A very good friend of mine actually made the comment to them, “So how long are your feet supposed to hurt anyway, don’t you think it’s been long enough?”. I was PISSED! I was like, “Did YOU have the surgery, do YOU know what’s it’s like for them? That shit hurts!” They still limp when they walk and this was the 3rd service project they’ve done in the last 2 weeks! My kids are not lazy like she was implying. They really don’t complain unless it’s really bad. I had the urge to punch her when she said it. Some people just don’t know when to shut up. OK, now my rants over. I’m really sorry for what you’re going through. Rant away, I’ll listen:)

    1. O.O
      I suddenly don’t feel like complaining about my teeth. Your poor kids! My god! And how incredibly insensitive of that woman to say that. My father had foot surgery and he says it was the worst surgery he ever had to have. We use our feet every day for practically everything, so that is not something to expect people to just recover from quickly. Thank goodness they are kids and kids tend to heal faster, but still. I feel for you. That is so terrible. I hope they have a speedy recovery and their upcoming surgeries go smoothly.
      I find that people can be so unsympathetic. I had a serious ski accident when I was 12. I broke 5 bones and people at school were like, “Aren’t you recovered yet? Why are you still in a back brace?”
      Um…because it hurts? People actually didn’t believe me when I said I broke my back because I could still walk. Just spin the spinal cord doesn’t snap doesn’t mean that the back isn’t broken. My vertebrae were smashed. Different thing entirely.
      Anyway, you guys are in my thoughts. Thank you for commenting.

      1. It is shocking how rude some people are. Even friends. You don’t know how a person feels unless you’ve gone through it yourself. Thanks for the wells wishes! How’s your mouth now? I’m guessing no videos for awhile:) I’ve gotta say, you’re one of my favorite booktubers. I really like how honest you are. I think a lot of the younger ones just say they loved whatever book to get more likes. It can seem like a popularity contest sometimes. I’m going to start my own channel one of these days, but right now I find the idea kinda overwhelming. Anyway, I hope you feel better soon!

      2. Wow. I suck at noticing replies to my comments. Sorry about that.
        Mouth is better. Phase three is on Tuesday. So it won’t last. Haha!
        Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. I haven’t been able to read much this month, so that is why there were no videos. And the mouth thing. Yeah. The mouth thing did not help. Gonna try to get back to that this coming week and be more consistent about it.
        I hate it when I see a review on a book that I hated and people rave about a certain aspect. And I’m just sitting there like, “That element was non-existent in that book!” Grr! Someone told me that given that I write, I should never critique another author’s work. *shrug* So who know what might come of it.
        Just start with one video and work with what you have. Quality comes later. Don’t worry about quality. Just get the first few vids out there. My first few were not all that great, but you have to start somewhere. Do a wrap up or a book review and just get your first one going. Then link it to me, because I want to see it! 😉

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