Writing Log | October

Man, what a clusterfuck of a month! No joke. This month had it all! Family drama, got sick not once, but twice, two injuries from my Krav Maga classes, awesome times with friends, and complete exhaustion.

So naturally, my writing suffered.

This month I wrote a total of 31,120 words. Significantly less than last month. But I am trying to cut myself a break. 30,000 of those words went toward a new book that I am quite proud of. I know that I worked my butt off and can’t feel too down because I logged my work. For the number of days I didn’t work, there were other days that just rocked. And I think that is the point of logging my work. I even entered on one of the days that I didn’t get my word count because “I suck at life.” Then the following week had a few 4,000 word days.

The other 1,120 words went toward projects that didn’t really work or just went into the trash folder. Which is acceptable to me. Because I am taking a new strategy this month with NaNoWriMo. I am not going to reach for the fucking stars like I did these previous two months. My tarot reader even told me that I was working hard and that I needed to take a step back. That I was too focused and had too much weight that I placed on my own shoulders. How perceptive. And very true.

So, I am going to limit myself in my writing this month. I will write my 1,666 words each day, and I can’t go over approximately 2,300/2,500-ish words per day. I remember the times when I wrote less and liked my work better. But then with getting on the self-publishing bandwagon, I read all these amazing posts on the KBoards about people who wrote a 10,000 word story in a day, published it, then repeated it the following day. And they got rich doing it. So I thought that was what I needed to accomplish. It’s no wonder why I reached total burn out recently. I was pushing myself too hard and then getting down on myself for not producing enough.

Well, note to self: I am giving you permission to be a tad bit lazy. Don’t reach for the moon as of yet. Or at least not right now. Because the brain needs to relax a bit. Write what you have to for NaNoWriMo, and we’ll see where we are at the end of November. If I feel under-accomplished in December, then I am allowed to harass myself all over again. But as for right now, November needs a break in the constant stress cycle.

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