Phase 1 Complete

So yesterday, I went and had the first procedure on my teeth done. It was about as bad as I thought it would be, but definitely not worse. And they didn’t have to numb me with a shot. Just jelly. So thank you for small mercies.

After the experience which involved numbing me, lifting my gums and cleaning UNDER my gums, then using a laser…. *cringe*…. I was left rather unhinged. I came home to a loving father who had a glass of whiskey primed and ready for me. Probably not the best choice because I don’t feel great today and I wanted to get some work done. But I have decided to blame it on the dog disrupting my REM cycle this morning and my stomach turning into nervous knots all day yesterday. The whiskey can only take a portion of the credit.

Goal today: Write up to 3,000 words on a new story I have been working on. Contemplate on how I want to say in a video about my upcoming participation in NaNoWriMo. Try to recall the name of that website that helps Indies to design their own covers, because I really want to start doing that. But before all this, I seriously have to wake up. *smacks self*

I sometimes wonder anyone would ever read this blog. Often feels like me ranting. But hey… as long as it makes me feel like I am getting something done. Right?

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