The Loves/Hates of Self Publishing

Okay. This is something that needs to be said. Because there are things about self publishing that I love and things that drive me bat shit crazy out of my flipping mind. And I like to quote George Carlin in this case, because it is SO true. “I don’t have pet peeves. I have major psychotic fucking hatreds.”

Yeah, that’s me. So without further ado… here it goes.

What I love:

– I get all the power. Like I’m a GODDESS. I don’t have a publisher telling me that my ideas suck, or that I can’t use that particular title. I don’t have to worry about the publisher choosing a cover that makes my heart sink because it is no way reflects my vision for the story. I don’t have that issue. I get ALL the say.

– I can publish whenever I am ready. I can push that button and take a sigh of relief and then a bottle of wine because I am nervous. I did just put a part of myself out there for the world to see. And that is always terrifying. But hey, I accomplished something. I don’t have to wait a year and revisit things that a publisher/editor thinks are not quite right again, and again, and again.

– I don’t have to go on book tours. I know this sounds strange, because every author should WANT to do book tours. Go out, meet people. Have a signing. Well, I am not that person. Because when you do a book tour, you are expected to get up in front of everybody and talk for about twenty minutes or so. Years of French Oral Exams have traumatized me considerably and this is my idea of a fucking nightmare. Yeah, I said it. The mere idea of it scares me. Let alone sitting there and having no one show up except one of the book store clerks so you don’t feel bad. With that being said, I would love to do a blog tour some day. I don’t know what is entailed, but I would like to try it out.

– I set my own deadlines. I think this one speaks for itself.

Now… What I HATE about self-publishing.

– The stigma. I tell people that I am self-published and they immediately assume that I am chewing on bitter ash of my lifetime failures and all my books are stock piled in my garage because there is no one but family and friends who read them. I will have you know that I had my best sales month EVER this month.

– The reviews that THINK they are helpful. This one is something that I could go on about forever and ever and ever. PARTICULARLY the reviews telling me that “there are a few grammar errors.” This one comment makes me want to Krav Maga someone’s ass. Because 1, they think they are being helpful. And 2, it’s condescending. I have never in my life read a traditionally published book where I didn’t find at least one tiny grammar error. EVER. Not EVER! And yet, if someone KNOWS you are self-publishing, they feel the need to point out the fact that your book needs a good edit because there were 3 grammatical errors. Harry Potter 7 had several, yet you never hear about that. I think that I should get some credit for the fact that out of a 300 page manuscript that I edited myself, only 3 things slipped through. And by my beta. I think that is an accomplishment, and not something to be pointed out. Because here is the news flash, reviews that say that, are more detrimental than they are helpful. They lead other potential buyers into thinking that your book is written in an amateur like way. GRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– CreateSpace (AKA: getting things in paperback) is a total bitch. Formatting will always be my least favorite thing in the world.

– Martketing. It’s hard to get your name out there and make people aware of what you are doing. By the time something “gets around” as something that works, it’s old news and it doesn’t work as well anymore. So you have to on top of the new marketing techniques that work on a daily basis and literally POUNCE on them. I can’t always do that. And it hurts my sales from time to time.

These are my two cents.


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