The Year Long Shuffle

I was going through my writing notebook yesterday and realized something rather upsetting. I started writing the “Violet Blake” series 11 months ago. That’s nearly a year. It’s been through four or five rewrites. The only part I have published in the first novella. The second is almost ready, but REALLY! That Is beyond ridiculous. I did publish a short story and did work on the side for three other books that remain unpublished, but that is just too damn long.

I love the premise for Violet Blake, but it has consumed my brain for too long and I need to move on to something else for the time being. So many Indie authors tell me that I am not publishing quick enough and my rhythm is going to get messed up. And maybe that is true. I want sales and I want this to be my career one day. But I can’t force something that clearly isn’t working.

I am not going to leave the story an orphan. I fully intend and PLAN to finish it. Although for now, I need to step away from it. The characters all have maps and backgrounds. I know how I want the series to end. But the middle work has been racking my brain for ages. I think the primary reason why is because when I started getting to the gritty bit in the middle was when my personal life kinda went to shit. My loved one got sick, I had to move twice, and I was seriously stressed out. The energy that I was going to put into the story was lost somewhere in the shuffle of the events of the previous 9 months.

So… my dear Violet Blake. I love you. I cherish you. But we need a standard trial separation. Just for a little while. This isn’t good bye. And yes, I know that it might mess up any readership the story might have acquired (unlikely), but I need to focus elsewhere for brain wrack reasons.



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