Quitting a Book

I had an interesting question from one of my Twitter followers recently. She asked if she should continue on reading a book that doesn’t interest her and has failed to really captivate her. I know plenty of people are on the side of “never give up on a book.” I used to be one of them. But now, I am on the other side of that equation. If the author can’t intrigue you and keep your interest within the first 100 pages, move on to something else. If an author loses you after 200 pages, move on. After 300, move on.

Something my dad said the other day, and was the perfect way to describe it. Your reading time too precious for a bad book.

In the last month, I gave up on two books. The authors lost me somewhere, or for some inane reason that is beyond my comprehension, I just couldn’t get into the characters, or the plot, or….. SOMETHING.

You are not a failure for giving up on a book. Nor are you quitting. You are just moving on and forward. There are plenty of other readers out there that will enjoy the material to make up for your not liking it. And for that matter, there are plenty of other people out there who love or hate a book that you might love or hate for whatever reason. Two people can read the same book and have two completely different takes on it.

I few years ago, a friend of mine read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and said I just HAD to read it. I got 2/3 of the way through before closing it with no intention of ever reopening it. Because quite frankly, I have never known a girl in my life that got her boobie rubbed up and then came right then and there. I was laughing at the very idea of it. Sorry gents, but some lower stimulation has to happen as well. The very idea of that turned my off the entire book. Not even the anti-feminist stuff (which was also offensive, but I was willing to go with it). Eventually the writing was just not my cup of tea. And I say that as someone who enjoys reading erotica fiction. My friend came up to me a few days later and handed me the next book in the series that she borrowed from someone else, assuming that I would be DYING to know what happens next. I had to regretfully inform her that I didn’t want to read the next one.

The same goes for authors. Some people will love your work. Others will wonder why other people even bothered continued reading after the first ten pages. It all comes down to personal taste. And it is perfectly okay to move on to something that captures your interest. I am looking for a book that gives me the ultimate hang over and that stays with me possibly for weeks after I read it.

So here’s to finding new and invigorating books!

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