Why I Hope Vampires Never Die

Needless to say, vampires have gotten a rather bad rep lately. Mostly because of tween fandoms that scream whenever the name Edward Cullen is uttered. And the whole horrible sparkly thing. And I say that as someone who enjoyed the first three Twilight books. (Not the movies. Let’s face it. They were comical. And book four, I am not acknowledging that even happened).

I got into vampires back when Anne Rice was the Queen of vampire fiction. I admire her stories and imagination. And let’s face it, Lestat was badass.

I knew I wanted to write my own vampire story for a long time. So I did. It will never be huge. It will probably get bad reviews because people won’t understand what I was trying to do, but it was my first ever story that I enjoyed writing and I liked it. I hope to write more on it for fun in my spare time.

I am talking about this because the ‘Dracula Untold’ trailer was leaked yesterday and I had an epic fangirling moment that strongly resembled Jeremy Renner’s epic fangirl moment. For those of you who have seen that .gif, you know what I mean.

Partly because I have a huge celeb crush on Luke Evan (and no, I don’t care if you tell me he is gay…as long as he keeps making films, I don’t care)! And partly because it looks like the whole scenario for vampires might, just MIGHT, be turning around. The trailer was dark, Gothic, and Luke Evans looked great. I mean yummy. I mean the acting looked great. I mean….yeah…all of it.

I miss vampires when they were dark, mysterious, dangerous, and got all the dark and creepy feels going. Am I am hoping that this film gets them back on track and doesn’t make them into teen girl icons. As well as cementing Luke Evans as a movie star so he gets more work and I can spend my hard earned money going to the movie theater so I can spend hours just looking at him. Win win….right?

I have made it as a goal to read the original Dracula before the film comes out, which I know I have to read because it’s a crime for a vampire fanatic not to have read it. I hear it is written in really old vernacular, which is fine with me because I spent years reading that kind of material for college. So here’s to my reading slump ending soon.

Meanwhile, I am having a hissy fit over the fact that the studio pulled the trailer and I can’t share it with you. Because it was epic and everything I want the vampire genre to encompass. So here is the next best thing.

Dracula Untold

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