Top 10 Music for Writing

Lately I have been watching a lot of interviews with successful authors. One of my favorite currently being Maggie Stiefvater. She has wit, a great personality, a wicked sense of humor, and I recently started reading her book ‘The Raven Boys.’ I am only fifty pages in, but her writing style already impresses me.

In one of her videos on YouTube, she discusses her top ten songs/music pieces for writing. I agreed with a lot of her choices. So therefore, I decided to compile my own. Some are the same as her’s, others are different, and some are broken records that I have already talked about endlessly.

Without further ado, these are the writing pieces that I love to write to and that have inspired me in the past.

1.) Last of the Mohicans. This score is incredible. Movie was good, but I can’t watch it because a few of the images are a bit too gory for me. But the music!! Holy cow!! Love!!

2.) Hanz Zimmer. Particularly his Inception score. Many of his other pieces as well. He is truly a master.

3.) James Newton Howard. Several of his pieces, but my favs come from the Peter Pan movie.

4.) Dario Marionelli  Who would have thought that using a type writer in a movie score could be so utterly unique?

5.) Florence + the Machine. Yes, I had to include Florence Welch. For obvious obsessive reasons. Can’t do without her.

6.) Trevor Morris – A Historic Love. This was used for the Tudors (a mediocre series that drove me crazy for its inaccuracies). But hey, the music was beautiful. I love this piece.

7.) Coldplay. Pretty much anything by Coldplay. Been listening to Magic and Princess of China a lot lately. Just gets the creative juices flowing a bit.

8.) Crucify by Tori Amos. I first heard this song in college, and then one of my writing teachers played it for us weeks later for a writing exercise, completely taking me by surprise. I guess that was a sign that it has significance for writing and my love for it was not unwarranted.

9.) Lindsey Stirling – Her orchestral version of Elements, along with several others are just pure magic.

10.) Epic trailer music. The second Catching Fire trailer has music that is now in my car. Along with the second Divergent trailer song. And many many others. I love those epic scores that just make you feel like you are outside yourself.

And there you have it. Those are some of mine, but I am always looking for new tunes. Are there any pieces out there that you have been loving for writing lately that I should check out?


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