Smashwords Rant

So… a couple of weeks ago, I put the few of books I recently published onto Smashwords, and a few that I had unpublished BACK onto Smashwords.


Long story!!

Basically, I noticed that my books weren’t selling a few months back. Smashwords had exactly ZERO records of me making ANY sales. I figured, “I guess that is a sign that I need more promotions, so I will go back to Amazon KDP Select.” Then, nothing. I didn’t get many sales on Amazon KDP, if any. Maybe a few here or there. But that was all.

Then a couple weeks ago, Smashwords sent me the record of me previous SALES. Yes, that’s right. My Sales! I made money from Barnes & Noble. I sold books there and even got a five star review that I knew nothing about. WTF!!

So now when I look at my Smashwords sales report I think to myself, “This isn’t a real representation of my sales. Like…at all! Just wait a couple months and you will see the real deal.”

So naturally, I am anxiously awaiting to get my books off Amazon KDP Select, which they will be in the coming weeks and get everything onto Smashwords and Draft2Digital so I can have outlets for my books in more place. But I can’t even begin to express the rage I felt when I realized that Smashwords didn’t tell me the whole truth. I feel like the beginning of our relationship was built on a lie. Boo hiss!

I have already felt the pain over the potential sales I lost and I am not best pleased with Smashwords. But hey, I am going to keep my books on there even if the site moves like a freaking slug because if I am making sales, I can’t really find much room to complain. Just a little irritated.

Although, Smashwords has done one good thing for me. As much I hate using their Style Guide and putting my work through the “Meatgrinder” as they call it, it makes the formatting for my Amazon Kindle uploads very pretty. Much prettier than they are just through uploading a regular word document. So that is something good to come out of it.

It’s not much, but from Barnes & Noble, I made nearly $20.00. Again. Nothing to hit the ceiling over, but for me, that is a big deal. That is the most I have ever made in a single month and I did it back in December without knowing it. So yipe!!

Rant over.

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