The Kick Butt Girl In My Head

There! I said it. I have an alter ego of a girl who looks like me, sounds like me, even walks like me. But she isn’t me. She is basically everything I wish I was. An adventurer. Nearly fearless. Doesn’t care what others think. Is better at martial arts than me…by a long shot although I am still working on my skills. And she is smart. Smarter than me. Confident. Self-assured.


I think her name is Eva.

I would love to write this character down. But I have this idea in my brain that I fear is too much like other fantasy series out there. It is kinda a cross between Narnia and LOTR. I have never written a high fantasy, and I keep telling myself that I haven’t read enough of it to merit writing a good one.

Excuse? Or legit? I dunno.

Maybe I need to buy some books on how to write high fantasy. Or do some more brain storming. I am one of those weird people who considers a day of day dreaming to be a complete WORK DAY because I like to let my stories brew in my head before actually writing them down. And then I get down on myself for not having written that day.

I must be a crazy creature. But I am told that other writers are crazy creatures too, so maybe I have company.

*goes to listen to more EPIC scores to get ideas churning* People truly underestimate the power of good movie trailer music.


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