Write Like the Wind!

Today is Easter Sunday. Or as I lovingly refer to it, the celebration of the rebirth of the Goddess! And no, I don’t say that because I read “Da Vinci Code.” I took an entire semester of a college course solely entitled “Goddess Religions,” and I find the celebration of Easter to be quite comical. Not meaning to offend anyone, but it always seems like the places I need to get to on Easter are closed because Christianity adopted a day to their calendar that belonged to the pagans. I dunno. It’s inconvenient and it pisses me off. But that’s me…

Yesterday I decided that my work ethic has not been where it should be. Or I am not prioritizing…or something along those lines. When I read that some writers (self-published ones mind you) publish 2-5 works in a single month (some of them being short stories and novellas), I think poorly of myself and my 5 books out right now. I am not making the most of my time, clearly. And there is a formula to self publishing that seems to work. PUBLISH! ALL THE FREAKING TIME! I never knew before how these “writing ninjas” as I lovingly call them do it!

Today, I broke one of my key rules. I normally don’t allow myself to write more than 2,000-2,300 words in a day. Because sometimes when I push myself too much, nothing but crap pours out of me. I think that I need to push myself harder than that. Especially if I expect any kind of results in the future. I currently have a short story from college almost ready to publish. And by almost I mean that I am anxiously awaiting the cover artist to get back to me with my cover because I would put it up today if I could. Then I have a short story from the “Elder Origins” series almost done. A certain POV from a scene that was not included in the book, but spoken about at the very end. And then I have been working on a small romance story. Not sure what it is yet or if it is even worth publishing. But some writers out there argue that you should publish even the stuff that might be sub par because you never know what is going to communicate with people. Now THAT is something I know to be true. I have often found that the pieces I wrote for classes which I found to be complete drivel were my teacher’s favorite. That teacher, not so much my favorite. But you get the idea.

This morning I woke up and wrote 3,000 words in the span of two hours. I wish that I could do that every single day. But let’s face it. Sometimes the drive just isn’t there no matter how much you fight for it. I hope that I have several more days like today, because maybe I can be one of those people who is constantly putting out material.

My inspiration of the day – this amazing song by Lindsey Stirling, who I am going to see in concert in the summer months. Freaking love this girl!


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