If “The Keeper’s Realm” Were a Movie

“The Keeper’s Realm” is still the work that I am the most proud of. It went by quickly as far as writing it and I really loved how it turned out. When I am writing, I see everything in my mind as if it were a movie. I have the whole thing casted usually, or at least I know what the characters look like as a whole.

So without further ado… if “The Keeper’s Realm” were made into a movie, this would be my cast. And this is how I saw the characters in my mind while writing.


This is what Ashlyn Drakes looks like. I know that it might make me creeper and stalker-ish given that this is Emma Pickles, the YouTube beauty guru. But I just always thought she was SO SO SO unbelievably pretty. Kinda like Megan Fox. My character in my head looks more like her than any actress or model I can think of or find on Google Images. So here’s to you Emma! You inspire me through more than just makeup.



Of course Damien has to be Henry Cavill. A slightly younger Henry Cavill. But yes, come on!!!! Now some may know why Ashlyn was swooning over him. Hell, I like to just look at him do. Especially when he dose the eye thing like he is doing right here. Does it all make sense now?


Emilie de Ravin - Lyla

And Emilie de Ravin as Lyla. This girl has an amazing look. As does Lyla. White blonde hair, piercing eyes. A softness that can go hard at a moment’s notice. Angelic, and startling all the same. Yep. It had to be her.


I hope that I am not the only one who sees things in her mind as if it were a film. I am currently working on a sequel to Violet Blake and ‘The Keeper’s Realm’ that I hope to have out by the end of the summer or early fall. So here’s hoping!


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