If I could take a plane anywhere…RIGHT NOW!

I have been forcing myself to turn to a blog prompt website to help me get to blogging. I like the idea of this one, even if my answer might be a tad boring. I don’t want to go somewhere particularly exotic. Mostly because I have skin that is very temperamental to certain environments.

If I could take a plane anywhere right now, money being no option… it would be London. I lived in the United Kingdom for over a year, and it was the best year of my life. The earlier part was definitely the best just because it was little more exciting when I wasn’t dealing with the internship from hell with a commute that literally gave me blisters the size of walnuts on my feet.

I have friends in the UK that I miss so much right now. My life in my current city has been consumed with family issues and personal dramas. A get-away to see my old friends would be the nicest thing in the world right now.

A trip to the V&A, the Ashmolean in Oxford maybe, and definitely few pub nights with the gals. Kelly Amanda, Julie, Jessica, Jennifer, Esme, Sarah Jane, Ntani, Hazel… I miss you all.

Warning: This was not a good hair year for me. Stylist butchered my lovely locks right before I left. I cried buckets. Behold, me as a blonde.

Stonehenge 2

Stonehenge was a great day. And those ancients knew a thing or two about the “feels.” We all got a little wacky and crazy while there. Physically and verbally. Love you Lauren!


Sarah Jane

I took a train to York to see my pen pal of over 10 years (mental note, I need to write her soon). We met as all people should. A fan forum. 😉 I think it was for Harry Potter in fact.


Dover 2The cliffs of Dover.


Can’t even say how excited I was to go there. Anything outside my element was an adventure.



I swear if I could buy a house anywhere in the world and money wasn’t an option, I would have one in Brighton. Gorgeous city.



One of my most exciting days. As a long time makeup fanatic, I bought a ticket to IMATS where I met the Pixiwoo sisters and my best friend, Kelly Amanda for the first time. We would later go on to Paris together.


Cambrige 2

I lived in Cambridge for a few months.


I got very very thin from the walking to my internship. Wasn’t an easy commute to say the least. The stress took its toll. My family immediately started feeding me when I came home. Har har.


Edinburgh Edinburgh 2

One of my fav cities of all time, Edinburgh. Beautiful yet dark and eery all at the same time. It inspired me to include it in my book, “The Keeper’s Realm.” I want to set more stories there in the future. A re-visitation might be in order. 😉



As much as I liked the Scottish landscape, the Rocky Mountains are still #1 in my heart. Although, I haven’t seen New Zealand yet. That is on my bucket list.



A day wondering around the Ashmolean. One of my fav museums. If I were offered a job there, I wouldn’t have the strength to say no.


London Eye

The London Eye

London Eye 2

During my final weeks there, I spent a day exploring London with Lauren and her mom.



My own personal rebellion against Chatsworth and its gaudy Christmas ornaments when I was visiting. Made taking pics impossibly difficult. And placing my fav sculpture of all time in the most inconvenient of places. Anyone from my course of study will understand this pic perfectly. 😉



No trip to London is complete without a trip to Harry Potter studios.



Me and my gym buddy, Naomi. Such a darling. And the guy behind us was the leader of the International Students society. We took trips all over England on weekends. I’ve probably seen of more England that most Brits have.



Pub night! Junie and Evelyn. My travel buddies in Scotland.


Hope you enjoy!!


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