The Resurgence of Violet Blake is now available!!

I am happy (and a tad bit nervous) to announce that my new novella series premiere is currently available on Amazon as an eBook.

You can buy it here:

I have been working on this novella for over six months. I rewrote it over five times. It started as an epic fantasy, only for me to realize that I haven’t read enough fantasy to really write it well. Then it turned into a spy chase type of thing. Then NaNoWriMo. That really helped me to get the groundwork done for the story, even though I ended up cutting 70,000 words by the end. I decided that I wanted this to be a novella series rather than a full length novel because I am going through a phase of liking shorter stories that have a great cliffhanger at the end.

This story centers around Shawn Cassidy. A slightly geeky but very smart girl just trying to survive high school (and don’t we all know how awful those years are). Only Shawn has a secret (as is the case with many YA stories, but I promise this one is a bit different). She comes from a family of healers. Her entire family is able to heal other people with their touch. This gift has been passed down for generations. Everyone in her family becomes a doctor so they can help with through their use of this incredible gift. But what Shawn doesn’t know can hurt her. And her family secret, isn’t quite as much of a secret as she thought it was.

I am currently working on the second book, along with the 4th ‘Elder Origins’ book. And a sequel to ‘The Keeper’s Realm.” Plus another novella series. GAH! So much to do! So little brain capacity left. Putting a new book out there takes my OCD to the extreme. I was up late looking at the document for any and all grammatical errors. I would like to think that I got them all, but let’s face it, when you are doing everything on your own it is extremely difficult. There is no team behind me and I don’t have a beta for personal preference reasons. So let’s hope that they are to a minimum.

But getting reviews that talk about grammar errors really make me upset because I work SO hard to get them all. But it really can’t be done. I have plenty of traditionally published books on my shelves with grammatical errors in them. The last Harry Potter book was FULL of them.

Anyway, that is the exciting new. If you enjoy YA, thrillers, chase, action, and a bit of paranormal, please check out my new novella, “The Resurgence of Violet Blake.”

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