Meet Shawn Cassidy!! Or should I say Violet Blake??

Introducing: My new leading lady for my upcoming novella series.

How do I describe Shawn in a few words?

Awkward, frizzy and curly red hair, near photographic memory, pale, a bit of an outcast (and satisfied to be so), independent, self-less, as well as a healer. She comes from a long line of ancestors who can heal people with their touch, and literally bring them back if they are inches from death. This last bit is a very well kept secret. Although she has had a few instances where she nearly revealed her family’s extraordinary abilities. Completely by accident of course.

Or did she? She learns after a mere accident of circumstance that their secret may not be as well kept as she has assumed her whole life.

Shawn’s main goal in life is to get into med school one day, which is why she tolerates her low level status in high school. She has other goals in mind. Not that she is opposed to the sudden attention Carter Peterson is showing her.

She is level-headed, scientific minded, motivated, and completely adores her best friend Lucas.

Soon I will be posting the first few pages of my new novella “The Resurgence of Violet Blake.” Where do Violet Blake and Shawn Cassidy meet? To be continued…

Here is an image of what I imagine her to look like in my head, although the girl in this picture has much smoother hair. Shawn had to learn the epic-ness that is straightening irons after constant taunting at school about her wild frizz. Not that this ever happened to me over the years. Har har.

Shawn Cassidy

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