Writing Slumps

So anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis *shakes head in doubt* would know that I have been experiencing a bit of a writing slump lately. What to do when these situations occur? And fortunately, mine has not been due to writer’s block or a lack of time or ideas. I have ideas coming out of my ears (actually that bit has been a tad overwhelming… ironically).

The real problem: emotion duress…for lack of a better term. I am emotionally exhausted because of personal things going on in my personal life. And I feel guilty about not working because of it. Which just leads to a vicious cycle of self-loathing. I read somewhere that writers have a high suicide rate for this reason (don’t get any ideas, I am no where even on the same playing field as that), but I can understand where it comes from.

The need to create is something that I think most writers can understand. I often think that writing comes from a place of need rather than a place of want. I need to write in order to feel productive, because being productive means that I have accomplished something. Accomplishing something means that the day wasn’t a total waste. And that ultimately makes me feel better about myself as a whole.

I often find it difficult to sit down and accomplish the task. Some writers say they write compulsively. I can’t do that. It takes effort to sit my butt down and do it. But when I am motivated, I can do that easily.

Right now, no such motivation exists.

The drama in my personal life has drained me to my core. For the first time last night, I got a full night of sleep. I am used to being woken up sometimes over five times in one night. As said previously, I am on 24 hours care mode for a relative, and that sometimes requires my own health and sanity to go out the door. And today, for the first time in a really long time, I feel that energy slowly coming back.

Soon I will be posting an intro to my new novella series. At this point I am considering calling it “The Resurgence of Violet Blake.” I know, maybe it’s not perfect yet. But I really like this style of title, kinda like what I am reading right now. “The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer.” I just think it sounds neat by the title alone. And the cover of that particular book…genius!

So at least I will have something else to post about other than the fact that I have been doing poorly in all aspects of life…should just be fired as Kathy Griffin says. FIRED FROM LIFE!

So… here’s to hopefully a “resurgence” of my creative juices.

I have been visiting lots of websites on how to getting your writing groove back, and here’s the thing. It doesn’t always help. It’s rather like hearing the “it’s gets better” thing while being bullied in high school (or in my case, junior high). But when you are in the actual situation, you don’t want to hear that. It can be downright detrimental to realize that there is no cure for current life suck.

So I am just going to have to go my own way and hope that things slowly start getting better all around and that I get some work done on a regular basis. While writing this blog post, I got some good news from a family member that something I have been stressing about for months is finally going through and happening. So yay! My family has been long overdue for some good news.

Woop woop!!!!

I leave you with something I have shared before, but I am going to share again. Because it is a stunning piece that I can’t get enough of. It somehow reminds me that great things need to be done and created.

Has Zimmer – you are a genius!

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