Long time, No Writing

This is officially the longest block (although I am not calling it writer’s block in my head because I HATE that term) that I have had in over 18 months. Sorry to say.

I think that the desire to write something good has possibly overshadowed my ability to actually write something that I love. The story that I have been working on for quite some time (maybe 5 months which for me is a long time) is finally coming together and I have decided that I am going to release book one of the novella series relatively soon regardless of whether or not I am completely ready. I am so sick and tired of waiting to be ready and thinking that things are never good enough or not where they should be. Maybe I just need to put things out there, even if they aren’t perfect and see what happens.

I had a strange occurrence when I was in college. It was a creative writing class. Possibly the worst one I ever had and one that I have mentioned before on this blog. Creepy teacher. In her seventies (or at least she looked it), arm sleeve tattoos scaling her wrinkles and waist length dread locks. I never quite figured her out. Because regardless of appearances and assuming that this hippie must have some open minded thoughts about writing, she was in fact the biggest stinker for “write this way or no way at all” that I ever met in my life. And SO utterly against genre fiction of any kind that she would make the best dystopian writers out there question their very existence.

Anyway, one day I was writing an assignment. We had to create five prompts and write them out as if they were the first few pages to story. I went for the dramatic. One was a kidnapping story that I really thought had potential. The other three who cares, and that last one, about a boy being forced to go trick or treating by his mother. I really hated it. It was literally written in the span of five minutes just to fill up the page.

Guess which story she ended up reading to the entire class and thought was just SO interesting??!! Yeah, the trick or treating story. Never understood this woman, because I literally pulled that one out of a hat just to get the assignment done and thought it was the stupidest thing ever put on a written page. And she liked it. In fact, she said it was massively interesting because of the dynamics at play…or something to that effect. *head desk*

Bottom line, maybe what I think is crap, isn’t necessarily crap to others. Maybe I need to take that risk and upload eBooks to Amazon that I don’t necessarily think are my best works. Because someone else out there might really like it and ask for a sequel. My main goal right now is to write a novella that people want a sequel to. Or at least one person. So as you can tell, my ambitions are not aiming too high and are hopefully realistic.


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