Strangest Christmas EVER!!

No better way to spend Christmas and New Years than injured. My dad is recovering from knee surgery from two weeks ago. Then two days after his surgery, my mom falls and nearly breaks her foot. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, my brother flew in from Denver. And navigating our nearby airport is like driving through a maze where every turn is a deadly trap. Nightmares ensued about delivering him back to departures a week later.

New Years is not much better. Sitting here watching ‘300’ with my dad, who is frustrated by his slow recovery.

But in good news, the time did allow me the opportunity to get “The Elder Origins” split into three parts, three novellas to be exact.

They are as follows: The Elder Origins, Exile, Encounters.

Woohoo! They are now available on, the first only $0.99

I have also decided that Smashwords doesn’t really work unless people actually know that you exist. So I am back on Amazon Kindle as of right now. And I might be enrolling back into KDP Select. I miss the promo days and I understand the way it works a bit better now. And hopefully I can get a Bookbub promo going as well. This is the plan for the future weeks ahead.

I also made some progress on how to rewrite my current WIP. So we’ll see how that comes along over the following week. I am not going to be able to get to the cafe I generally write at. And working at home, taking care of two injured parents, and then taking them to physical therapy three times a week (separately because the damn doctors can’t get them on schedule together) makes that impossible. So here’s hoping I can actually get some work done at the house.

Not likely.

All so stimulating. I know. But I am excited about my new covers for the novella series of ‘The Elder Origins”. I was fortunate to find three covers that had the same kind of theme and I really love all three of them. Made by Joy Sillesen at

The Self-Publishing Venture continues!!!!!!

Meanwhile…should have posted this sooner. But I truly love this video. So touching and shows the true human spirit getting into Christmas. Just love it!

2 thoughts on “Strangest Christmas EVER!!

    1. Still wondering if I made the right decision in splitting that book, but I just have the feeling that it is going to be a project that I can’t tackle with another big sequel. The first one took a lot out of me. I needed to make it smaller.
      Tried Smashwords, got zero sales in a few months… I don’t know enough about marketing right now to make Smashwords useful. So maybe I will go back to it another time.

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