Writing Ninjas!!

So I was on the KBoards yesterday and I stumbled upon a very interesting post, entitled “Why Isn’t My Book Selling?” by ‘BlakeBooks.’ I read it thinking I was going to get some great tips on how to market and that kind of thing, only to find that it was one of the most depressing things I have read since the start of my writing journey. It was basically an outline of why your books aren’t selling, why they probably will never sell, and don’t ever expect them to sell because you suck at life. *cringe*

Yes, I know my covers aren’t GREAT by any means, and I know I might have some grammatical errors in my books, and I know that maybe the stories aren’t the best thing since sliced bread, but I don’t need someone trying to bring me down for all those reasons.

The truth is, most authors know they will never hit it big and don’t go into writing with those kinds of expectations. You would have to be an insane person to put that much time and effort into something and expect a reward in an industry as cruel and slice and dice as publishing/the book business.

This week, so far, I have sold two books. Woop woop! And I’m happy about that. Sure I’d like to knock that up to twenty some day down the pipe, but I need to dedicate some serious time and effort before that happens.

Then I read in there that this guy apparently writes dozens of books a year (9-10 in 7 months he claims). Full length novels at that. Amanda Hocking apparently wrote up to 18 books in a year. And I wonder, where the hell do these people get the ‘Writing Ninja’ gene? I can’t sit at a computer for twelve hours and hack away at something. For one thing, I don’t have the time. Two, I don’t have the attention span. And three, after the four hour mark of writing, I find that most of what I write is complete garbage. I can’t force creativity after hacking away at it for hours at a time. It just starts to dwindle.

How do these writing ninjas do it? And why did this BlakeBooks guy have to put such a damper on my day? I feel like he posted that on the KBoards just to be negative and put everyone on the boards/all writers in the ‘right’ perspective of ‘don’t ever write for any kind of reward.’

I get the message, but I don’t need my presumed failure displayed in front of me like I shouldn’t expect ANY kind of success…EVER. For. As. Long. As. I. Live.


5 thoughts on “Writing Ninjas!!

  1. I try not to pay too much attention to posts like that. All writers are different and work at their own pace. I have my own critic/doom and gloom voice already in my head. I don’t need another one 🙂

  2. I think ‘writing ninjas’ is a great term for these people. I think there is either some exaggeration, or some compromise on quality for the sake of quantity. Also, it must be asked how long those ‘full-lengthed novels’ are. Are they closer to novella length, or are they Bible length?

    I think every writer needs to have their own writing pace to be true to what they are working on. The worst you can do is burn yourself out. Trust yourself, build your craft, and keep chugging along.

    1. I wonder if these people exaggerate as well. And the quality can’t be truly good. Most great books I have read, the author said it took years to complete.

      Thank you for your kind words. ♥

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